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Is there a place that i can submit art, Because I have some drawings I'd like to ge people's opinions on, they're not Doom but Doom inspired and i think they're worth the look.

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Scroll a bit down the list in these very forums.

You'll find an entry called Fan Fics/Fan Pics (moderated by DSM). It is the biggest Doom fan art "site" I presently know.

If you ask about somwhere to host your pics I am at a loss. Try to ask in the Fan Fic/Fan Pic forum. Someone might have some suggestions.

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Firstly, learn to use the right forums - this question belonged in either the Questions forum or the fan fic/fan pics forum, preferably the fan fic/pics forum.

Secondly, http://www.deviantart.com/ is where I host my drawings, that's one site you can use, but bear in mind that you need to get an account to have pics there.

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