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Scattered Ashes - 10 short ZDoom levels (RELEASED)

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The download link has been updated with a slightly modified version of the wad. I added a Titlepic, an interpic, and made a few small cosmetic changes.

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Uh... I know that's probably intentional, but even so...


Personally I'd say its way too hard on HNTR, I got wasted on map 2 (anytime huge swarms + no room to move occurs, its a death sentance for me TBH) but then I say that for alot of maps. I guess the average of doomworld has left me way behind.

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The file has been updated!


Made a few small visual changes, added a green armor and removed some monsters for the 2 lowest difficulties in map02. This is the version that's probably gonna be on idgames, so if you have any suggestions you want to make, now's the last chance to do it.

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Hey can you turn down the difficulty a bit

It's way too hard for me

Anyway I am gonna nominate it for cacowards


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The wad is now officially out on idgames!

What's new in the final version:

- Map02 is now easier on HMP

- Minor difficulty balancing issues got fixed in other maps

- Numerous texture mistakes got fixed

- Added impassable linedefs on the borders of map02, so now you can't fall out


Thanks everyone for playing!



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