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No Hope For Life Team Members Needed!

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I have lost all my team members for No Hope For Life.
If anyone can spare any time to make a map or two please let me know.

Here is what I have done so far...

E1m1-E1m9 Complete (Epsiode 1)

Thats it.

I need..


Thats 17 maps...

So there is plenty to do still.

e-mail: aleaver@parkerinfo.com

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Good luck. I'm also working on an Ultimate DOOM megawad, but my aim is to work alone (too I'm greedy and too paranoid to do otherwise! Heh.)

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Good Luck?

Yea Heh, I know I'm going to need that..

But if I work alone then I'm might as well not call it a megawad any more...It will take me way to long to finish it.

Besides other people make different style maps. In turn that makes the project more interesting IMO.

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Yes. One man vs. one megawad takes time. That's why I dumped all my other projects (3) to work solely on this one (the most interestng one which kind of absorbed many of the best ideas in the others, by the way.) I wouldn't mind a few contributions from someone whose skills I can admire if he/she liked what I'm doing and felt inclined to contribute, but I would not look for partners actively, especially since I have certain design parameters and concepts in mind. I'll take my time, I don't see the need to hurry things.

Still... it does seem like you're more worried about finishing it than about the result. I think quality is more important than output, we already have hundreds of good WADs to play, why release one if you can't assure it's optimal? In any case, it's better to release less, or on a slower basis, than to release more and faster but of less worth.

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Possibly, since you are asking. In my mind it is the author that decides when maps are done; either because he is quite satisfied and feels he or she has reached a goal, or because enough time has been spent on the project. Others may or may not like end product, but essentially it's the author who decides when it is done. This doesn't exclude the possibility of further work on it as a result of feedback, but that should be more or less spontaneous from the author's part. Unless you can easily decide that episode is incomplete I suggest leaving it as it is and moving on to other maps. Later, maybe, you may feel inclined to re-work the E1 maps a bit, who knows.

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