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Why didn't Doomsdays XG, Vavoom's C etc take off, so to speak?

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Why didn't Doomsdays XG, Vavoom's C etc take off, so to speak? Why did Boom and then ZDoom's Doom in HeXen format tend to dominate early modding?


it's not something I can think of an answer to, hence why I'm asking?

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One reason, which comes to mind right away, was the closed app mentality of the developers.

Not that these ports are not usable, but they remained quite static.


ZDoom, on the other hand, was always open to mapper's requests to add special features.

Whatever feature was requested, Randi and later Graf Zahl and others, did their best to

accommodate these requests, which is still the norm.

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ZDoom was convenient for the players as well as the mappers, because it'd accept most maps (Boom compatibility was very important; Doomsday still doesn't fully have it) and you could mix and match any of the supported features in the same map ; whereas with Doomsday you can't use ACS in Doom or Boom effects in Heretic. I think Doomsday advertised itself as a way to play the original games with fancier graphics, while ZDoom was a way to play the original games with fancier levels. Doomsday never really competed on the same niche as ZDoom.


Now Vavoom on the other hand had most of the same advantages as ZDoom from that point of view, and while it does have more levels made specifically for it than Doomsday, it's still far behind ZDoom.


For early modding, there are two other contenders one shouldn't forget about. Doom Legacy was very popular originally, had several maps made specifically for it making use of FraggleScript, and it could have stayed on top. It didn't. EDGE also was basically ZDoom before ZDoom, the first port that let you make advanced weapon mods and custom monsters.


Possibly one of the big early boosts for ZDoom was TeamTNT's decision to use ZDoom as the successor to their own Boom. "Doom 2000" (which eventually was released as Daedalus: Alien Defense) was for ZDoom. Several high-profile mods (at least back then), such as Assault on Tei Tenga and RTC-3057, also helped, along with series like Kurt Kessler's KZDoom and Cyb's Zort. If you take Doomworld's Top 100 wads, you have 17 entries that are for ZDoom (or, in one case, ZDoomGL). By comparison, Legacy had just two (Phobia and Nimrod). Doomsday, EDGE, and Vavoom got none.


Another factor is the multiplayer scene. csDoom was based on ZDoom, and then ZDaemon, Skulltag, Odamex followed. Skulltag and ZDaemon embraced early ZDoom features, such as the Hexen format and what it allowed to do ; in particular the bridge things that allow to make functional 3D flow in multiplayer.


Anyway, if you combine these factors and others I've no doubt missed, ZDoom got to reach a "critical mass" that let it go past the others. That's not a fault on the part of the others, and it's perfectly possible that things could have evolved a different way, but that's how things are.

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