STORY: So after so much demon slaying you think you could go and get some rest, you know just the place, but then you just discovered... YOU FORGOT YOUR KEYS TO THE PLACE and without the keys you can't go to the place. Fortunaly you just remembered you divided them in a hope to prevent demons from stealing all the keys, but unfortunaly all of the places you deployed them are infested with demons but Fortunaly again you know 3 things for this situation: where is your pistol, where is your ammo and where are the keys you just need to get them! WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE FROM THE ORIGINAL VERSION? It has now 2 more maps, 1 boss map and one epilogue one, i also give em some small touch ups and with a small use of dehacked along with a titlepic, credit, and help messages modifications by me, i made slightly prettier. MAPS:  *Screenshots*  Maps are done in DOOM 2 boom format(as such they do not required to jumping/crouching or freelook and You can pistol start them all(It will be sorta rough if you play on the 5ft map)) the wad comes with skippable maps if you are planning on playing this with prboom, so you don't have to Idclev them all. and the first one begins in MAP11 (Aka i didn't realise that boom format doesn't support secret exists outside of map15 so i had to move them to make the access to the secret level work).   The maps have custom midis(which are roughly 5 ROTT midis and 1 Dune midi and 1 from @Jimmy) , They have difficulty implemented on them and they have coop spawns.   I tested the map in gzdoom firstly then PRBoom later to make sure it would be playable in prboom+, if you are thinking of playing with that sourceport.   Maps are pretty short as they are speedmaps of sorts (using @Walter confetti Theme Challenge Randomizer Pastebin Big thanks to him, all the themes are writen inside the screenshots spoilers!), but i tried to give some surprises in an attempt to not make them boring.    You can download it here--> IFMK!   Changelog