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Dokta Whawee


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Are you ready for the most expansive and advanced Doom OST overhaul of ALL TIME?

You had better be!

Every official DOOM level from Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, No Rest for Living, Master levels, and even some PWADs have their own meme songs!


It is officially released just in time for Doom's 25 Birthday!


Why wait? An entire world of awful meme music, and equally terrible rap songs, are included!




Feel free to share it!



(pls share)

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jesus fucking christ how large is this file


edit: im sorry but once it crossed the 500mb mark and kept on chuggin i just gave up

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Decided to open this up cos I'm bored, and wanted to see how this could take up a whole gig, and it's got ALL of the Master Levels? Just there? And No Rest for the Living? Surprised you didn't just include all the IWADs whilst you were at it lol

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So, having downloaded this to check out the files themselves after reading what @Wahrnehmungskrieg said, I can see that all the wad files and pk3 file include iwad content. Someone else can probably make a more comprehensive list, but here goes.



-Modified E1M1, E2M7 and E4M7. The only change they seem to have is to just put a random secret exit somewhere to lead into E1M10, E2M10 and E4M10, wich are most probably 100% stolen. The later two seem to also have secret exits that lead into E2M11 and E4M11, the later also having an exit to lead into E4M12, these later ones also probably stolen, if slightly modified.



-Modified MAP02, MAP07, MAP08, MAP16 and MAP29. Also includes stolen MAP33 from the xbox version of doom, and MAP34, MAP35 and MAP36, wich seem to be stolen aswell.


rtrdmusic3 (tnt).wad:

-Modified MAP30, MAP31 and MAP32. Also seems to include lumps that are from TNT.wad aswell, wich are, in order: COLORMAP, DEMO1 through DEMO3, DMXGUSC, ENDOOM, GENMIDI, MAPINFO (from zdoom/gzdoom.pk3), PLAYPAL, and PNAMES and TEXTURE1. These may or may not be modified.


rtrdmusic4 (plu).wad:

-This one doesnt contain modified IWAD maps, but does contain PLAYPAL, COLORMAP, ENDOOM, DEMO1 through DEMO3, GENMIDI, DMXGUSC, _DEUTEX_, TEXTURE1 and PNAMES, and MAPINFO lumps.


rtrdmusic5 (nrfl).wad:

-Containts the entirety of No Rest For The Living (NERVE.wad). All MAP0x lumps renamed to LEVEL0x.


rtrdmusic6 (mstrlvls).pk3:

-Hooh boy, this one's probably the worst so far. I am too lazy to fully list all of the things it has, so i'll summarize it. It has 60 stolen maps, including but not limited to: The entirety of the master levels, all the doom gba deathmatch maps, what I can guess is the final level from Doom 64 based on sprites inside the wad, and what I can guess its Sgt. Mark IV's Icon Of Sin map based on sprites inside the wad. Other stolen contents include the aforementioned Icon Of Sin sprites by Mark, SKY5 and SKY6 wich are stolen skies from the Doom 2 Iwad (RSKY1 and RSKY3 respectively), and a whole slew of textures wich seem to be from the doom iwad and the psx doom total conversion.

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@Melodica Thank you so much for playing, as well as everyone else.


First off, I just wanted to appologize to you, and to everyone else. Sorry if it didn't live up to what was expected.


Second, I did include a TXT file answering some of what you said.


I.E. I don't claim to have made anything except for a few custom levels. Most of those that are customs, though, are not mine. I did include them, yes, but I don't claim to have made them.


You could say that's stealing, but I would disagree.


If you want me to take down this post on account of stealing, I can.


It's kind of embarrassing to see that nobody liked this, but oh well.

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Well, first off, stealing maps is bad. Second, stealing and distributing IWAD maps is illegal, so you should most definitely take this down, and as much as you think that it's not stealing, it will not change the fact that you are stealing both usermade maps and IWAD maps, wich for the later, again, is illegal.

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1 hour ago, Dokta Whawee said:

It's kind of embarrassing to see that nobody liked this, but oh well.

Probably because meme music and this sort of culture are interesting for people the average age of whom is, like, one third of the average DW member? :P

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This is going to be bad no matter what, but you can make a legal version by removing all copyrighted iwads and mp3s if you still want it to exist for that small handful of people who would be interested.

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