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dobu gabu maru

The DWmegawad Club plays: Deathless

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1 hour ago, Grain of Salt said:

Seeing people vote for alt is like when a kid wants to eat a crayon and you have to just be like "no, trust me you wouldn't like eating the crayon".

But, the crayons are colorful, they MUST taste good...

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E4M1: Inhuman Remains

Mines well finish this off for anybody who still cares. Linear map that takes you through a nice and atmospheric graveyard, Kind of like something you'd see in Quake. Gameplay was pretty straight forward but the trap with the shotgunners coming out of the graves was amusing.


E4M2: Fetid Site

Honestly I pretty much completely forget about this one, Secret exit is here though so that's something.


E4M9: Under

This one actually took me to figure out this was supposed to be Underhalls. So a pretty dramatic Recreation and probably the best one of the group, Still has all the major points of the original such as making the jump to the Red Key area protected by shotgunners and dropping off into the area filled with explosive barrels and bad dudes. Replacing the water with hurt floor blood was a nice change even if the added challenge is a bit trivial.


E4M3: Corroded

Another map with a hurt floor as a primary obstacle. Very short and easy, This wad may not have been designed to offer a serious challenge but i'd still like it to be a bit more difficult for episode 4.


E4M4: Incision

After the initial fight in the courtyard it's an easy stroll through a square building, consisting of square rooms and square cubes in the middle of the square rooms. once again nothing much to say about this one.


E4M5: Serene Shadows

Another Map that features a sniper\turret Cyberdemon or whatever you want to call it, This time you can telefrag the bastard with a secret teleporter though which is something i was looking to do in E3M5. After that a bit more variety to the gameplay in this one with all the running across platforms. This also means most of the barons are rather immobilized on the ledges making them easy targets to take out with the rocket launcher.


E4M6: Vertigo

This one finally seems to be a map with a more grounded design, Nothing we haven't seen before with the central tower area leading off to side areas so you can gain access to the blue key and open up the exit, but it was done well enough and the enemies managed to get a few knocks on me this time atleast.


E4M7: Sea of Entrails

I'm almost certain that's the name of a Cannibal Corpse song. Anyway this is basically a big open arena filled with monsters and acid. Gameplay was definitely better than anything else the episode had to offer so far and there are a few nice fights in here. The gameplay felt a bit linear for such an open map though and it did hurt the flow a bit to collect the keys in order then backtrack and see which bars you lowered. I took a rocket to the ass right at the end so I went to the final level with 16 health, let's see if that makes things more interesting.


E4M8: Desecrators

Starting off with I assume a E3M1 Reference and then it's just straight into the boss fight. Got pretty lucky with the 2 Spider demons here as both of them  barely bothered to shoot me while I pumped them with the BFG, after them a Cyberdemon comes out but some fancy footwork and more BFG disposed of him. The extra enemies like the cacos are basically just background decoration and i'm not even sure what the point is of the 2 barons off to the side. Probably the weakest episode of the set but still a few maps worth playing. Overall a wad worth playing, and if you don't like it you won't waste much time as you can easily get through an entire episode in a day.

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24 minutes ago, dobu gabu maru said:

I love the idea that the "mainstream" counterpick to ESP is A.L.T. lol


I suspect it would have been Evilternity if not for the request to hold off on that.


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On 12/29/2018 at 1:42 PM, Pirx said:

Heh, what's up here.  We haven't had such eager voting for months  :p

Lol, people are afraid of the slaughter.

48 minutes ago, Capellan said:


I suspect it would have been Evilternity if not for the request to hold off on that.


It's a great wad, but there are a few issues that will be ironed out in RC2.

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to finish e4 this year...



Episode 4: Griefless 




E4M1: “Inhuman Remains”


compact, easy starter, leads the player in a circle, over the bodies of scattered zombies standing in the way. i would have preferred a berserk or chainsaw to kill them in more creative ways, since they (and some souls) are the only enemy until near the exit. there's a shotgun marked as a secret though behind a marble wall, i discovered it only after i had taken one from a sergeant. the blur sphere comes handy when the sergeants rise from their grave. the armor is for continuous play and placed near the exit.




E4M2: “Fetid Site”


compact map, e4-like mostly old wood structures. imps at a gallery, plenty of chainsaw-loving demons and only one caco, iirc. i managed to catch a fart from it though that put me in a bad state until i found the soul sphere. hint: don't be too quick to get out of the lava if you jump / fall into it. i found the secret exit here swiftly.




E4M9: “Under”


under...halls? i didn't even recognize it instantly when it started, as it's partly outdoors here, looks like i got what i wished earlier, something more than a simple conversion of a doom2 map. brown bricks and wood over large pools of blood. the start is simple, then surprisingly much opposition, especially sergeants, when you cross the first blood river, but there's also a fat reward, a secret blue armor and a bfg with a bulk cell. which means the barons we meet in the right half of the map are instantly crispy. the map is generous with other weapons as well (pg & rl). 




E4M3: “Corroded”


running start at the end of an acid lake with imps and humans around. hence "corroded" i guess. clear first structure, the chainsaw comes handy vs cacos here. it's a rather easy fight but it's also to take damage from the imp balls coming constantly from the other sides. pay attention to the bloody altar to the right. a gate to a flooded area with a simple wooden structure opens, where 2 cacos and some lesser critters are guarding the red key, the only key needed for the exit. 




E4M4: “Incision”


larger than the previous one, looks ancient and mysterious with its predominantly wooden structures under a green sky. some demons in the starting area and the tool that i used through most of the map, the berserk pack, in a corner nearby. saved ammo this way but the map gives you just enough rockets to finish the 2 barons here without the zerk, and everyone else. some things i liked: the "demon waltz" track, how the lift to the upper level lowers when you jump onto the imp platform so you don't have to go for the switch again, and the soulsphere secret, i just smelled it there, at the end of a damaging corridor  ;)




E4M5: “Serene Shadows”


more vertical play, with a siege cow placed high above greeting you with rockets. it's easy to get rid of, though, via a teleporter in its back that lets you telefrag ist. raising a few walkways, you climb to where they key ist (forgot which color), with the lone ineffective baron on a platform in front of it. that's where the lack of doom2's enemies is felt, imo. spectres are roaming down below, but can be ignored. most of the threat comes from the cyb as long as one doesn't know how to kill it, or stumbles upon the teleporter. there's also a bfg behind the cyb and a secret in a passage leading to a soul sphere. btw, great idea to give the souls less hp, as it should have been, the buggers.




E4M6: “Vertigo”


now this one doesn't get up as high as one might assume from the title, but there's still lots of welcome verticality. there's a tower one can take a lift to and jump from there into one of the 2 passages on its sides. however, better play it like @lirui1001 does in his demo. i found the plasma gun and the ammo for it only after killing everything, and that style of playing just wasn't interesting. ammo is dosed just right for you to blast through everything. of the 6 teleporters at the lava hole, the one with the pentagram will take you to the ledge outside (also with a pent as receiver) and a berserk for smacking the door with health at the exit.




E4M7: “Sea of Entrails”


a number of wooden walkways over a acid lake with locked gates controlled from a central spot. plenty of critters milling about, and a siege cow overlooking the whole thing from a pedestal. his rockets and the acid keep you on your toes. visit the tower with the path along its wall to get the first key, then run over the wooden structures to open the barriers and get the others. i telefragged a baron by accident while returning from the tower and killed other 2 this way, also fell right on the invulnerability while strafing around the imps on the bfg platform... and considered this overkill, as the poor critters were  busy enough killing each other, while the cow is telefragged after the red barrier goes down... so basicaly i was left standing alone place with a couple imps and had 300 cells and that bulk cell on the wooden platform left. which means that someone speedrunning this can play around less (i was stirring infights wherever i could) and blast everything out of his way. very enjoyable map as you have to keep up the pace.




E4M8: “Desecrators”


oh well, a map with soem bosses because the game demands it. this map shows imo what an annoying, rng-depending enemy  the mastermind is. keep them busy with the barons and cacos (that's what the barons on the sides are good for, i think, for pistol starters), steal the cells from under their asses, then smack the cow that shows up. the barons can be skipped, but what am i going to do with that plasma, fireworks?


so, happy new year 25 A.D. (after doom) everyone.


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