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Doom3 1.3

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Do you have a fresh Doom3  1.3 (patch 1.3)? If so can you upload it as zip? I need it to run some old mods made for engine version 1.3



(I know there is run13in131 but I get some glitches with it, just want the intended engine 1.3)

(I know there is doom3 1.3 patch setup available, but it won't install on my computer, keeps saying it did not find the game)

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The emz mod website has links to older update patches of the game, use some install extractor to bypass the installation process and copy the files to your Doom 3 folder manually.


EDIT: I need to make a little patch so I can switch between 1.3 and 1.3.1, there are some great mods that haven't been updated for 1.3.1. The 1.3 Patch can't detect steam installation for some reason.


EDIT 2: It worked, no need for manual extraction either. Just had to run it as admin *sigh*

EDIT 3: It turns out you also need to downgrade some other pk3 which the 1.3 patch does not include, shame...

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