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The DWIronman League dies to: Ultimate Doom The Way id Did

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A question : Is a demo valid if you accidentally restart the map just when you die even if you quit the game very shortly after ? It is because I press the "use" button the same time I died, I wanted to activate a lift in panic.


Anyway, the demo file is below, category 1 and died in E4M2.


File : Malrionn_Ironman_udtwid.zip

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It is valid, do not worry. Similar thing happened to me in March 2017. Your demo still counts because the death moment is (presumably) present and you've passed M1 so the time is there for the ranking.

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It's still December 2018 in some parts of the world.





Died in E4M8, beat E4M7 in 1:29:29


Holy balls was it a bad idea to do this drunk at 2AM. I felt really good at first, breezing through the first few maps, then I started feeling tired around E4M6 and well, I walk around the map for several minutes looking for progression without realising I already had a key to use. I was planning on just quitting at E4M8 if I got far enough, then when I got to it I decided to go for broke and try to get another survival to cap off my already very decorated year (as your very own Britbowl Champion, dear reader). Then I got further into the map, and further, etc. etc. then I absolutely bottled it at the end because I'm great at this game. I kinda knew these maps, having seen the thing go through testing on streams and stuff, but there was a lot I had forgotten - such as the e4M7 cyberdemon! Also if you love watching me snipe cyberdemons at single digit health like a coward then this is the demo for you.



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an_mutt's run being the final one of the year (barring any Alfonzo spectacular last-minute demo that would knock me out of the best 33%), I think it's best to look at the best runners of the year by the rankings.

  1. @Bloodite Krypto - Domination. 8/12 rounds won (which is the new record!). I think enough is said. December was pretty much the summary of Bloodite's year - the only person surviving, and with quite a large advantage besides an_mutt's late resurgence. Also, the only person to have been in Top 3 since they started competing.
  2. @WH-Wilou84 - Best of the rest. Finally racked up a victory this year, which was definitely deserved, as Wilou has been the only person to play every single Ironman up to date and finish in Top 10 for all of them. Besides the victory, it's worth to mention their performance of 50 Monsters, where they came within touching distance of Krypto again.
  3. @Beginner - Consistent. I still think the name is extremely ironic, as Beginner is most definitely not a beginner. Has arguably been one of the most consistent runners below the untouchables, as they were never really below the 65's in the rankings (barring a freak accident in 50 Monsters), and while they narrowly missed out on Top 5 last year, they made up for it this year. Possibly aided by RjY, Veinen and DotW's departure, as well as Roofi's slump at the start, but deserved nonetheless.
  4. @dt_ - Blind Specialist. If you want to find a runner who can go very far blind, look no further than dt_. Worth mentioning is their extreme survival of Double Impact BLIND, as well as a nice showing in Warlock's Hearth. Most of their Ironman runs are blind, which could explain the gap to Beginner, but their great results also make a person wonder - what would dt_ be like if they faced more familiar WADs?
  5. @an_mutt - Britbowl Winner. This sums up their season the best. Besides utterly dominating BritBowl (a bit subjective but true, let's face it), their spectacular runs of TNT-duoPacks and UDTWID managed to rocket them up from battling for the 10th place to a Top 5. Had some... fun runs (Community Chest!). Top 5 was maybe aided by Leo's December slump, or the departure of some more profound runners, but an_mutt solidified their position of the top streamer.
  6. @leodoom85 - What Might Have Been. Had Leodoom found their pace at the beginning of the year, one wonders if Leo would have gotten up to a Top 3 spot. Alas, they're only 6th, though they arguably deserved more. As with dt_, most of their blind runs have been phenomenal, and they managed to take a freak victory in September, outpacing Bloodite by 5 seconds. Had a 4 month survival streak, which was previously only managed by Krypto before. Their run of Plutonia and CC are the best ones in my opinion.
  7. @RjY - Prep Master. RjY was known for their preparation since they started participating, and they perfected it this year. Though legitimately dying in Plutonia, RjY managed to place second in Double Impact and racked up a nice streak of survivals or DNF's in good positions. Didn't participate after Plutonia, but a Top 5 or even Top 3 was definitely possible.
  8. @Anima Zero - Veteran. Arguably one of the most experienced runners, Anima Zero seems to have no problem with accomplishing their 3rd time appearing in Top 10, out of 3, only matched by Wilou (yes, Krypto wasn't Top 10 in 2016!). It was a rollercoaster year with lows like Double Impact and TNT's, but highs such as Walrock's Hearth and UDTWID helped them to strengthen the Top 10 position, for which they battled with most of the people below them for the whole year.
  9. @Malrionn - Debutant. For their first season of Ironman, Malrionn managed to do extremely well, maybe with only a single survival, but with a nice dose of solid upper-midtable consistency. Even while battling hard with the likes of Anima Zero, antares031, Dragonfly, Alfonzo and myself, they've came out in Top 10 because of a good streak during the middle of the year, emerging as 6th or 7th after September. Solid season, and a potential Top 5 candidate next time around?
  10. @antares031 - Too Little. Looking at the results, everyone sees Antares as 10th. But if one were to take a closer look, one sees Antares had only participated 9 times. That gives him an average that is as high as Beginner's. So, judging by that, if Antares were to participate for the whole year, they'd easily achieve Top 5. It's a shame to see them on the tail end of the Top 10 because they'd deserve more than this. Besides they never really Struggle with difficult WADs, as UDTWID, Combat Shock and Rush proved.

In the end, there's some honorable mentions.

  • Alfonzo - Had it not been for them, there wouldn't be this league. One of the highest placed runners not to survive anything this year, which might be a shame, as they came painfully close with Community Chest, the Darkenings and Double Impact. We might still be awaiting Alfonzo's run of UDTWID, though.
  • Demon of the Well - Started the year very well, managing to win on Warlock's Hearth, however stopped participating after the Darkenings. Wasn't really on par with Krypto this year, however, but the battle with Wilou and Beginner would have been fun to watch.
  • Veinen and ZeroMaster010 - Both have rocked up once and delivered mesmerizing runs. Veinen won the Darkenings with a sub-hour run of Darkening II (nobody else managed that), and ZeroMaster delivered a sub-half-hour run of Plutonia, without secret maps unfortunately. Both of these runs were considered the best ones. Veinen won in the end. ZeroMaster didn't due to missing secret maps, but he won in our hearts.
  • Vince Vega - Their only 12 posts were Ironman submissions, if I am correct. It's nice to see the dedication for sure, especially for a debutant. Never failed to post a run this year.
  • myself - Yes I know this is crazily egoistical of me, but I think I should mention myself for maintaining a reliable monthly, yearly and all-time table. I'm also the highest ranked runner not to survive anything this year (though I came really close with the Darkenings and Community Chest). Battled for the Top 10 but just barely missed out, 11th in the end. Maybe next year, as they say in Ferrari.

This was a fun season, even with Bloodite's domination, it was nice to see Veinen and Wilou finally winning after a lot of second places. Here's to the next one, with as much good competitions as this one!

Edited by NaZa : may not have done that

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I've got about the same score as last year: 44% max points.  Damn, all my efforts at getting gud have not appeared to pay off this year, better luck next year. 

Cheers to Alfonzo and NaZa for organizing/keeping track of things.  These doom "ironman events" are actually one of my favorite things to do each month. 

also, Happy New Year.

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