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Videos made for the Doomwiki

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Not sure if this is the right place to make this thread, but i wonder if something that could work for the Doomwiki would be having its own dedicated videos.


The official Team Fortress 2 wiki has videos for a lot of articles, coming from their YT channel except they're official and not for a fanmade wiki. (at least from what i recall)


And the channel Classic Doom https://www.youtube.com/user/ClassicDOOM/videos is kinda like that except it is mostly about one category or two, which is the levels demos and sometimes bugs.


So, i guess Doomwiki videos could have been about level secrets and walkthroughs too, but also showcases of gameplay stuff (enemies, weapons, items, functions, bugs, mechanics), maybe some obscure trivia, analysis of console ports or versions, cut/alpha/beta content, documentation of other stuff etc.


Another case could be the games, because one thing is Doom 1, 2, Final, 64 and most of the classic section, another is documenting 3, its expansions, BFG edition, the obscure mobile games and the reboot part of the series. (specially if it's not just gameplay stuff but even story, characters or plot elements since at least story info for older games is just text intermission screens and maybe photos of the manuals)


And with YT removing video annotations, i'd imagine there being text in the videos using the font that is normally used in classic Doom. (text could be used to describe stuff and add more info)


Another possibly difficult task is documenting non video game stuff, like merchandise or the movie.


This is just some idea, it may not work, but i thought it was interesting.


Edit: something i also thought was videos using someone's voice, but i guess that could be harder, specially without a good microphone.


Edit of 3/22/19: i just remembered this video existed.



This means a Doom wiki like channel could work for archiving videos, in case their original source goes away.


Edit 11/11/19: I think it's now best for everyone to archive ANY Doom related video, even if it's mods or memes or something even remotely focused on a different thing, but ANYTHING in general.

Heard about some news regarding YT's policies and it sounds bad, really bad unless you're a celebrity.


Also here's a channel that archives most of Marveller's content after he left: https://www.youtube.com/user/MajorDMaster/videos

Edited by whatup876 : adding more to the post, more relevant than ever

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