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Baby's First Doom Wad


Alright, I've been playing doom almost exclusively for about two and a half years now, and I'm curious on venturing into the world of mapping. I've never made a custom wad before, and I also don't know anything about making a wad, but I already have some ideas for one, which I guess is something? Anyone here who has some experience with making custom wads have any tips for me?(ex: what program do you think is best to use, any problems a beginner like me could run into, etc.) I won't be able to do any serious work on a wad for a few weeks because I'm busy and don't have enough free time to work for more than half an hour at a time, so I figured if I started learning the basics and fiddled around for a bit each day I'd be set to start a project when I've got more free time. Any and all help is extremely appreciated

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Our very own Badministrator, Ling, wrote a series of absolutely excellent introductory tutorials starting here:



Generally speaking Doom editing isn't difficult, but it is idiosyncratic. As you start to learn it, somethings might seem strange to begin with, but stick with it and it'll all start to make sense. And eventually it can be such a streamlined process that you can make an entire megawad in 9 days

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Chubzdoomer's tutorial's really helped me get started. Especially if you are starting from the very first step like i was. I always wanted to make Doom maps but i thought you needed a high level understanding of programming or game development or something. It was very intimidating and then i saw some of Chubzdoomer's videos on YouTube and realised that it's not too complicated after all and anyone can it. Especially if you just want to make a basic Doom map like E1M1 or DoomII's first map. 

Now i map all the time. It's a truly fun and rewarding hobby. I hope you get as much out of it as i do. It takes time and practice to get used to the software and mapping basics and hotkeys but it definitely gets easier once you learn how to make basics like a room + door + lift etc. Just keep at it and try not to compare your first map to some of the maps by the mapping maestros that lurk these halls. Some people can take Doom mapping to extreme heights with lots of fancy extras and top-notch programming but i believe all a good Doom map needs is some solid design and a copy of Doom2.wad. 

Good luck!


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