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Does XWE Documentation exist? (Weapon modding help)


Okay, so this is a two parter. I'm very new to DOOM modding, and I'm going all out with it. I can't find XWE docs anywhere.

All I know is how to replace existing side def textures (Thanks to many user tutorials), but what I don't know, is how to replace, lets say the pistol sprites with my own. I've accounted for the animations needed for replacement and the amount. The replacements are alpha transparent, and they're HUGE, but I don't know what the resolution in the center of the preview window is to shrink the replacement (I could trial and error that, at least). The main issue is that even though they're alpha transparent .png's, they still have that white background upon loading into XWE.


I've attached one of the gun sprites, for example.


What a pain... Can anyone help?


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Keep in mind that XWE is old and abandoned. Back when it was originally designed, PNGs weren't used often in modding, and BMPs were king of sprite mountain. It's not surprising XWE's handling of PNGs is faulty. SLADE 3, on the other hand, was designed to work with PNGs from the start.



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Slade3 indeed seems to be the best choice. Even when I did figure it out my problem, it was still seemingly, a genuine mess. I've already made the swap and am going through actual documentation. Thank you.

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