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Decorations: in sprite, voxel or model

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So let's hear it. How do you like your decorations? Not just decorations as we already find them in Doom, but decorations that we can find in similar engines to Doom of the era (think the cars and all in the various Build games).

I take this is something a lot of you have thought about before, much deeper than me, so I'm happy to hear it. Pros, cons... I especially have an interest in interactivity so my instinct tells me go with models for things like cars, and just use voxels for complex shapes (like Heretic/Hexen statues). As for the pro-sprite decoration camp... you're not allowed to only make one facing, unless you're using a perfectly round pillar or have a barrel. Candleholders need 8 rotations because of their shape.

I guess you can also make decorations out of linedefs and good texturework, but that's really tough to make interactive and look right, so mehhhhh...

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They all can look good in different games. I do think you shouldn't mix and match them for interactable things (enemies, weapons etc.) within a single game/wad. Keep all things like that to the same type. Non-interactive things I think you can mix and match, because a static model/voxel just looks like level geometry. 


The only thing I'd disagree on with the OP on (and this is purely a personal preference) is that IMO static sprite things shouldn't have rotation angles. Seeing a perfectly stationary image flip between angles just looks jarring to me. I've always felt the angle-change needs to be hidden within animation to look convincing. 

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