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Editting ACS for music


Hi! I'm trying to eddit or delete some music related ACS in a mod i,m working/editting.


I think it's some ramdom library like this: 

I'm trying to delete the script removing loadacs file and the music ACS, trying to listen again original music order, but deleting this results in no music playing.


I try to edit the ACS with slade3, Xwe and another editting tools i see on the wiki, but Slade3 only shows "acs" inside the ACS file, and Xwe can show some part of the code in ASCII  but nothing i can edit properly. 


The instructions i put in mapinfo doesn't work 


Can someone give me some light on this?



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A SCRIPTS file is just a thing for convenience and for mappers (or modders) to show what the script is. Editing it by itself will do nothing.


You'd have to edit the script, then compile the script into an ACS file (with ACC), then place the compiled ACS file into the WAD for changes to have any effect.


Of course, if the mod uses custom music names, then that's probably also why you're hearing no music either. In that case, you'd want to rename the music tracks to the original names that the base IWAD expects; without that, you'd need to specify the replacements manually per-map via MAPINFO.

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Mmm i did a random music acs file and it works well, but i want set some  specific music on final maps too... I will try adding the names to mapinfo and then see what is better.



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