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Has anyone ever been able to map successfully with a touchpad instead of a mouse?

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Somewhat? My touchpad has both right and left clicks, so it's not much different for me to use that than a mouse, other than efficiency and annoyance. Idk it's not preferable in the slightest, but I switched insert linedef from insert to tilde, (for general reasons, not specifically for this) so my right hand uses the touchpad the same as it would a mouse and left hand does space, w, esdf, and tilde. Other keys are just pressed as needed, since theyre all over the keyboard. I never insert new lines with the right click anyway, though vertices and "things" I do with a mouse, or with a touchpad I'll use tilde for them too. I would also be very interested to hear about mapping with a touchscreen, as that seems to me to be where the future is headed.



Zooming is an important thing to note. Since zooming is dependent on mouse position, using the z/x keys keeps it within easy reach for the left hand while the right still operates the touchpad. To offset button presses to zoom, the zoom factor can be adjusted in the preferences menu.

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Every map I've done has been with a touchpad. I think about the only thing I changed from the default control setup in DB2 and GZDB was the button to go into 3D mode, unless it was always W.

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The most I've used of the touchpad was when my right-click button was broken on my mouse, so I had to use the right-click on the touchpad.

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