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Stupid question about ZDL

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I can't find an answer to this on Google but in ZDL what is the difference (besides the obvious) of exporting the .ini versus the .zdl? Is there any reason to pick one over the other? They both seem to capture different things but also with a lot of overlap as well. I can't tell what the intended usage is supposed to be.


Do people usually save off a bunch of .zdl's (or .ini's) on a per-wad basis and reload depending on what they wish to play?

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I save presets as zdl files on my desktop and have the file association set to open them through ZDL. So I use them as shortcuts, I double click them and I am straight into the game with that preset. If I want to make a change then I do it with Notepad or open the zdl file with ZDL and then resave it.


My point is that you need to set the .zdl association to be handled by ZDL and use them as shortcuts, you don't load them manually every time.

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I just save .zdl files, I always use the same settings so .inis aren't necessary.  Though, I do often accidentally click save/load ini by mistake...

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