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What are your favorite midis from James Paddock?

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Hello ! Everything is in the title.


For my part :


1. "Ambience.mid". A very creepy atmospheric music that I would like to use in a map. It was used in "The Beesong" by Death-Destiny.

2. "Guardhouse.mid". It was used in Sunder map 14. It's a perfect music for a long and hard level.

3. "Astral Dreadnought.mid". A very popular music from PLutonia 2.


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1. Conductor.

2. Within Reach

3. Coal.

4. Faultline

5. Collapsing Point.

6. The Killing Blow.

7. The Battalion Approaches.

8. Insurgence.*

9. Icicles.

10. Pistons.

11. Samurai Pizzicato

12. The Hornet.

13. Volition.


Those are just off the top of my head. I'm pretty sure I missed a couple of more but honestly any Jimmy track is a good track.


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I'll quickly take this opportunity to flaunt a couple of underrated gems in Midnight Strike and Sick Building Syndrome (from Doom 2 Unleashed and Harmony, respectively) instead of picking out a bunch of favorites, because yeah — that can't be done. The length of the list would dissolve all meaning of the word. Midnight has a catchy-as-all-hell refrain and bass; blood-pumping and just an excellent marriage of familiar motifs and instrumentation inspired by pcorf MIDIs. Syndrome is like a lot of Harmony tracks, layered thick with forlorn and a sense of foreboding, even as it keeps a relatively frenetic pace. Both of them are map-malnourished and need to make their way back to the Doomdom.


I also recommend checking out the entirety of the Duke It Out in D.C. Soundtrack for something a little more recent, if you haven't already. Jimmy's skills in crafting cater-made OSTs are very good.


Okay good, I've avoided spending all of my day typing up giant lists filled with praise. Just walk away, now...

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Voyage (Jenesis map 15) has been my favorite Doom midi since...whatever year Jenesis came out. Other favorites are Within Reach (BTSX E1 map 24) and Drop the Wombat (Mutiny map 02), plus the midi covers of Crush (mentioned in the post above) and Undisclosed Desires by Muse (Jenesis map 08, I think?), which are both super good classic video game songs for some reason.

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So, I am new to DW and "Jimmy" is the artist behind some (not all?) of the BTSX E1 and E2 midis, right? Well, if that's the case I almost love all of his work. BTSX (along with Exomoon) emerged has some of my favourite music tracks ever. That's not only limited to Doom WADs or videogames even. Can't wait to discover more great music, via all the suggestions in this thread.

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3 hours ago, Immorpher said:

Does he still do the "speed MIDI" sessions that I have read about?

actually Im the one who does those but Jimmy did participate in a couple of them. 


Anyway, I like basically all his midis, they are way better than mine lol. I especially like Ripsaw, Postmodern Muck, Vinefort, Yaw, Zero Degrees Kelvin, Citadel Of Might, Cycloid, basically all the heavier/faster ones since that's the kind of music I like best

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Just listen to all the tracks in his Jimmy's Jukebox music mod...

There you can enjoy his tracks pretty fine :)


Edit: Painful Cave and Perilous Cavern (both maps of mine) uses Jimmy's midis...the first one is from Plutonia 2, the second one is called Twilit Jungle, used in BTSX

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Jimmy's been too kind to me this year, contributing to two maps and also making / modifying several MIDI's for Eviternity! I highly suggest any fans of Jimmy's music check out the WAD when it's released as it has some bespoke new music which is bloody fantastic if I may say so!


As others have said, it's hard to pick favourite JimmyMIDIs, they're very consistently good and have a certain style to them that is in line with my actual music tastes. To name a couple on the top of my head; I'm a big fan of the (updated version of) Everything Explodes; Neverfore; Motion Machine, and the full Godhood Suite. :D

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Atmospheric Pressure



Sunset over Babylon


Imp's Tradition, heh! 


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Top 3:


Ambience (scheduled to be used on a map of mine since eons)

Became the Haunted (great!)

Pyrarinth (Plutonia 2 map 1)

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21 minutes ago, TheOrganGrinder said:

The Cry, from BTSX E1 MAP20, "U.S. Mustard Company."

Dang, was just gonna say that! It's a really haunting tune, perfectly nails the desolate feel of the chosen level. I just lack the words to describe the powerful experience it brought me. A truly fantastic musical experience.

"Pyrarinth" is an ear worm too :)))

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7 hours ago, antares031 said:

Is it Microsoft GS Wavetable? You can download S-YXG50 (not best by today's standards but have very good balance and samples) music packs for Valiant, Plutonia 2 and more wads. Topic in "Everything Else".

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My favourite Jimmy midi tunes in no particular order:

Desperate Intruder
Astral Dreadnought
Sanctified(both versions)
Nobody Told Me About Plutonia
Fallen Sun
Black Inferno 


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4 hours ago, Jimmy said:

Lots of love in this thread <3 Thanks everyone who still digs my shit.




Yep, right here:




I don't have a track by this name - if you're thinking of Resurgence MAP30's track, that's a PRIMEVAL work!

Ugh, my bad. I meant Insurgence from Harmony, big fan of that mod and soundtrack. Happens when I'm replying from my phone ^.^

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