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What are your favorite midis from James Paddock?

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My favourites include Astral Dreadnought from Plutonia 2 and Quicksilver from BTSX, and Rusty Nails from SoD. 


The music in Map30 of SoD is awesome, but I can't remember the name. Baron's something. 

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7 hours ago, Sapfiar said:

SkulldashExpandedEdition Jimmy map


That MIDI is a Jimmy-MIDI, it's called "Ankle Grinder". Great tune!

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Fallen Sun all the way. Perhaps my favorite MIDI of all time.


I also like Escape Velocity (btsx e1 map13).

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I think my 2 favorite MIDIs by Jimmy would have to be Run 'Em, Gun 'Em, Kill 'Em from the Plutonia MIDI Pack and Sanctified from Plutonia 2. Those were probably the first 2 soundtracks I came across with tracks by him, and those two in particular were the highlights of the ones he did in each ST. I really like Silicone Dust from Plutonia 2 as well. I've only been able to come across Plutonia 2 soundtrack in the Arachno soundfont though, so I might be a bit biased.

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