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Any Argentine mappers here? (Possible Megawad Community Project)

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Just asking how many mappers in this forum are Argentinians, this would be interesting for making a 32-Level Old-School Megawad, in a similar manner to the "Japanese Community Project", so you don't need to be that experienced. 
Also, you can start submiting some of your own maps, those would be included in the project.
The purpose of this thread is just to know who here in the mapping community is from Argentina, and who of those would be interested of being part of this project, which I think is kind of a neat idea.

You can start submitting me maps to my E-mail: elmejordjv10@yahoo.com.ar (Don't laugh at it)
You can even submit your custom graphics to see if they could fit in the WAD.

Rules for submitting:

-Be from Argentina (D'uh)
-Maps have to be in Standard "Doom 2" Format (Vanilla)

-Compressed on a ZIP or RAR file (Link to download page is permitted)

-Send me a PM or mention at this thread that you have made a submition
-Maps can be complex  (altough nothing to difficult to fix if it has to many visplanes)
-You can submit up to 3 maps (If some of them are rejected you have the possibility of sending me more maps after I informed you)
-Add your name, pseudonym or 'tag' for you to be credited.
-Custom textures and music are welcome (Respect the patch/texture thingy for Original Doom 2, also music should be in 'MUS' format IF POSSIBLE)
-Try to be creative and make if possible medium-sized maps (Make them have a theme and don't make a mismash of nonsensical rooms)

-Keep the 'mate' unwashed or else...




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