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How do I make a custom switch or animated texture work in boom?


I imported some custom switches textures to my wad, but they don't work properly. I gave them the name "SWXXX1" and "SWXXX2", but I guess that's not enough to make it work as a switch? Same goes for custom liquid flats and waterfall textures, which should've to get animated.

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For Boom, you need to make ANIMATED and SWITCHES lumps in your wad. Slade usually allows you to make these in the Archive drop-down menu, under New.

When you tell Slade to produce these lumps, there should already be entries in them, so you can use them as a reference to work from.

With ANIMATED lumps, you only need to specify the last and first textures, in that order, and the time to cycle from one to the next, but it will cycle through every texture it finds in between those two, so make sure if you want a custom four-texture fall, that it will find texture1, texture2, texture3, and texture4 only.



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Look into Boom's SWITCHES and ANIMATED lumps. They're used for defining new switches and animated textures (and you can change the old vanilla ones as well). Slade has the ability to create these. Archive -> New Entry -> New ANIMATED/New SWITCHES. Should be pretty easy to figure out from there.


Edit: Heh, beat me to it.

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