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[Beta] Ozônia: 11 plutonish maps [+1.2 Release]

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I found a couple small issues almost immediately in the first map.


It's easy to softlock yourself by running onto that pillar and getting stuck in the teleporter loop.



This platform raises too far, at least in complevel 17, it might be worth double-checking.


I liked the first map, but I didn't really feel the next.

I'll continue playing it soon and provide some demos when I can.

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Thanks a lot Aquiles!
I changed the linedef to WR teleport (monsters only) in the first bug and fixed the second one.

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That's strange. It worked fine for me.

Out of curiosity, are you using 7Zip? That's the program I used.

Also, here's a link to my drive:



If Deadwing wants me to take it down, I will, but I'm putting it here for the meantime. This archive should be fine.

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Just good ol' WinRAR :/

Thank you though, that worked! :D


@Deadwing The stuff under "stonecrap" was made by me~ That was just the name of the folder/wad! :)

Edited by Fuzzball

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Wonderful. Another great looking WAD for my never ending backlog of things to play. xD I hope I'll get around to it eventually. Does it feature music made by yourself again?

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Thanks a lot, again!


I've fixed the link in the first page, so it's now a .zip file instead of a .rar. Can't believe I've made that mistake again >.< Thank you so much @Aquila Chrysaetos for providing a link with a better format >.< @Fuzzball, I've fixed the credits for the texture :D Thanks @elend! There's indeed lots of good to appreciate lately. All the tracks in this wad are made by myself (some from Exomoon), but no new-track for now. I might make some new tracks, but for a further release for now >.< haha

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General : a)May I suggest you use Boom linetypes 261 and 213 in your maps.


             b) This mapset could use many other Boom line and sector types. If you don't already have it boomedit.wad is very useful ...




One example is at map02 sector 81. Try this if you like ...


1. Give sector 81 a tag, number 16.

2. Give line 933 line type 261 and tag number 16.

3. Give line 375 linetype 213 and tag number 16.

4. Save and see the result ... :) .




map01 -  line 265 should be impassible.

map02 -  line 1156 should be impassible.

map03 a) -  showstopper - It is possible to be at sector 105, run/leap to sector 206 and fall down into sector 207 - trapped ! A suggestion is to make sector 207 secret and place a teleporter here. b) Using fwater1 at sectors 96/235 didn't look good to me imo. Note too different sector floor heights.

map04 - Remove lower unpegged from lines 1491/1499. Sector 248 is not a door.

map05 - a)Note that lines 1018 and 1014 use the texture doorblu2, which shows a skull. I used the keycard to open door sector 117. Boom can specify whether a skull or a keycard of the same colour can be used. b) Lower of lines 837/838 should probably use the texture sfall1.

map06 - Nothing to report.


... all for now ... and yes, I'm enjoying it. :). Anything else to add I'll mention here.


maps 7 to 11 ...


map07 - a) ceiling of sector 86 should have the flat mflr8_4b to match sector 84 imo.
Map08 - a)Wrong floor flat at sector 64 b) It is insinuated that a red key/skull is required to open door sector 172, but it is not required.

c) Wrong floor flat sector 15.
map09 - a) Lines 269/270 need a lower front side texture, as sector 39 lowers to the floor height of sector 38, not sector 292. b) The lowers of lines 1380-1383 would look better with plmudrk1. c) For the sake of zdoom and Risen3D, lines 999 and 1005 should be flagged impassible.
map10 - Line 308 should be impassible.

map11 - all good.


Good job.

Edited by hawkwind

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Thanks, hawkwind! I'll take a look at the issues when I get home from work :D (later today)

I hope you're enjoying the wad!

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18 hours ago, Deadwing said:

carefully designed short maps, heavily inspired by the original Plutonia megawad


Very accurate description! It was hard to stop testing this!


Played the first three maps with GZDooM. On MAP03 you can press linedef 1076 from below




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8 minutes ago, HAK3180 said:

There's no way I'm not going to play this, but it's up to you whether you want me to record my playthroughs for this thread.


Oh, I definitely would like to see a playthrough of it :D

Thanks a lot, HAK3180!

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I like this, the music on the first level is real nice as well.
I will need to finish this when I get back from the store since I died on map two, but going off the first map, this wads going to be in my Doom folder for a long time.

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I'm glad you've enjoyed it, wolfmcbeard! 

BTW, if you guys find something it not well balanced (for example, some encounter is way too harsh, or there's not enough health) or there's some pacing issue (levels look too much like each other, too much arch-villes/revenants fights), tell me :P


@hawkwind, thanks a lot for the later levels feedback, I'll fix the issues you've found. :D

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A couple of late issues courtesy of doombuilders error checker ...


map 05 - missing lower tex line 1068.
map06 - missing back-side upper textures lines 103, 1360, 1361, 1363 and 1364.

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fdas for the 1.1 version recorded with cl 11: ozonia_gaspe_fdas.zip


Nice mapset. I liked many things in the layouts, I can still see some bits inspired by monti here and there. Plus the gameplay focused on the RL against mancubi and arachnotron reminds of Mano Laikas. The various platforming over the pillars was fun. I didn't spot bugs, on MAP10 the linedef 308 should be impassable. If have to make a couple of complaints: the revenant at the soulsphere secret is bit of a dick move; on MAP11 all the avs encounters inside the ring started to get stale at the end. I recognized some music from Exomoon, it was pleasant to hear it again, though I would change it for the next wads :S

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Awesome, thanks a lot for checking the issues, @hawkwind!


@gaspe, thanks a lot for the demos! I didn't have much time to watch it, but I'll do during the week >.< I'm glad you've enjoyed the levels, hopefully there wasn't too much annoying monster placement haha!

@riderr3, Plutonia never gets old! :D

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