Ozônia is the third mapset of the Moonblood series, currently having 11 (E1+E2) carefully designed short maps, heavily inspired by the original Plutonia megawad. The levels are short (taking from 5 to 10 minutes to finish each), fairly challenging although enemy count is always small. These levels have been played only by myself, but hopefully you won't find any big bugs yet >.< Soundtrack is from Exomoon and Moonblood itself, but it'll change if I decide to make it a bigger release someday. The mapset has been tested on prBoom+ and ZDoom. It uses sky transfer linedef and some scrolling floors, so I think this is at least cl -11. cl -9.   Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/t57dqb3sotm8gpv/ozonia-1.3.zip/file   Older releases:     Hope you guys enjoy it! If possible, I would like to see some demos and/or playthroughs! :D
Many of the "new" textures are from the texture thread of this forum, which are all awesome!   Credits for the textures: