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[Beta] Ozônia: 11 plutonish maps [+1.3 Release]

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On 12/4/2018 at 7:02 PM, Deadwing said:

It uses sky transfer linedef and some scrolling floors, so I think this is at least cl -11.


You only need cl9 for those things. Cl9 is usually preferable to cl11 if you can get away with it, because cl11 has annoying and unfun infighting behavior, which I guess I'll explain to the best of my knowledge below.


Normally in doom, monsters have a period after switching targets during which they will not switch targets again -- IE, if you shoot an imp and it starts attacking you, it will ignore attacks from other monsters hitting it, for a short period. This cooldown period only counts down while the monster is walking (not attacking), and iirc it's 100 tics? Don't quote me on that bit :D


In cl9 and cl2 this delay only happens when a monster switches targets due to it being attacked by something. Cl11 changes infighting behaviour so that this delay also happens when you wake a monster. This means when you enter a new area, monsters will only fire at you for a few seconds, regardless of what friendly fire they're suffering. This means lots fun meta around infighting (ie, wake cyberdemon, immediately run behind it so it starts infighting) is just gone in cl11.

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I see, thanks a lot for explaining @Grain of Salt! I'll change the mapset to -cl9 comp. I'll do a playtesting and hopefully check if everything works fine (I think it will do, and any problem I find will be something unrelated hehe)


@Killer5, holy shit! You've got some skills! D: Thanks a lot for reporting the bugs! I've only got to watch the playthrough of the first two maps, but it has been amazing so far!

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Version 1.3 is ready to play!

Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/t57dqb3sotm8gpv/ozonia-1.3.zip/file


This will be the last release before I start working in the next episodes (III and IV). There's a ton of changes, especially regarding ammo, monster and pacing changes, although I don't think it's worth playing if you've already played it. I've tested it in -cl 9 and everything worked fine! Also, in the last level, I've added a new dehacked monster (he appears only in the very last setpiece replacing the repetitive 4 arch-viles setpiece), which uses the Hellion sprites. I'll definitely use him more in the next episodes. I might add another dehacked monster, but it'll probably be used only in the latest episodes, I guess.


Anyway, for now, I'll probably take a short break and think about some cool concepts for episodes III and IV. I'll also compose some new tracks for some of the earlier and later maps, although I think there's space to use some Exomoon and Moonblood tracks here. I'm also thinking about inviting some guest mappers, so the whole experience doesn't get too repetitive and also to reduce a bit the workload in my side haha, IDK. I guess I'll add 1 guest map for epi III, 1 for epi IV and a slaughter-lite one for slot 32, at least for the next batch of maps.


Regardless, thanks a lot for playing it and giving feedback, guys! :)

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