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What TV series are you currently watching?

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I'm halfway through Narcos: Mexico, and i've been thinking about watching Vikings*, once i'm done with it. other series i watched so far are:

- The Punisher, season 1
- Daredevil (all three seasons, and i'm still bummed about the cancellation)

- The Defenders
- Atypical

- Narcos (the original one)
- Fastest Car (just a few episodes. i laughed a lot at Bryan Salamone's episode; his Aventador is hilariously ridiculous and his wife looks like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj fused together, with some Kim Kardashian influences)

*by the way, is this series any good? is it violent like 300?

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I finished season 2 of The Wire a few days ago. It was pretty good, but the first season was a bit better. The stuff about Frank's stubbornness towards protecting his worker's union, and Ziggy feeling stepped on by everyone was interesting, but the machinations of the Barksdale organization were a lot more compelling overall. I'm fascinated to see what becomes of the relationship between Stringer and Avon. 


Now I'm going to start watching the final season of Adventure Time.

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Recently finished Daredevil season 3 (or should I say binge watched it when it came out instead?) I still can't fucking believe Netflix cancelled the series, this made me take into consideration that after Titans and Punisher season 2 eventually come out I might as well cancel my subscription since superhero shows were the main reason why I subbed in the first place, and now that they're dying one by one there's not much reason for me to keep it, apart from a few shows I'm either yet to watch or finish, but otherwise...


Anyway, currently still watching Star Trek: Next Generation and He-Man.

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18 hours ago, Nekr0s1s said:

I'm halfway through Narcos: Mexico


And how is it? It caught my eye but I don't want to start watching a show that is good for the first couple of episodes and then a whole lot of nothing.

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