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a problem with random weapons...


so ive been using DOOM BUILDER 2 for a long time and ive decided to change to GZDOOM BUILDER 2 (saying this bc maybe the poroblem is on GZDB2)

and iwant to make a wad using brutal doom v21 and all its weapons but whenever  i try to place a gun like the chaingun, another one pops up (like you place a bunch of chainguns and theres a chaingun replacement mixed there)

how do i choose a specific weapon to place? since i place a bucnh of them and only want one?

ples help (you can see in the picture that there are chainguns and there are two different weapons mixed in)


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If the Chaingun is being replaced by a RandomSpawner then you won't be able to place Chainguns and get the exact one every time. You will need to place the weapons directly that are in the spawn list. However, these might not have their own DoomEd numbers and thus can't be placed. You will need to either edit the mod to assign numbers or spawn the exact actors with a force spawn function in ACS, such as SpawnSpotFacingForced.

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