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Abyssal Speedmapping Session 42 - No, I am not going to make a Hitchhiker reference

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Wut? Another map for ASS?

Is this possible?




Title: FIREBLU monday

Build time: 1 hour and 50 minutes, including pause for eating

Theme: FIREBLU marcaek textures

New Music: Rise of the triad by Lee Jackson

Description: Short map, maybe for intro, maybe who knows. Also there's no blue monday as song here lol.


Attention because this map is highly untested in game, because my prboom copy on my laptop started acting weirdly as usual...

Edited by Walter confetti

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This is the streaming beta for anyone who wants to have a look-see at all the maps: maps are in no particular order and the map names are currently the names of the authors. I had to alter @NeedHealth's map so it fit the criteria, but otherwise this was a nice simple compilation to put together. :)

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