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How to obtain the Doom 3 monster models?

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I am thinking about finding some way to obtain the Doom 3 monster models so that I can retexture them with modern texturing tools such as SP and then perhaps even use them in renders in Modo. But in order to do this I must first find some way to obtain the model files and then convert them to some format that can be imported into modo such as obj. Does anybody have any experience with extracting/obtaining Doom 3 models such as the monsters so that they can be loaded into modern modeling apps?


EDIT: I use Modo for my modeling and rendering by the way, not Blender. Still for the mere purpose of converting file formats it's not the end of the world for me.

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Get the plugin, open the pk4 files contains the models aynd animations (add ".zip" to their filenames so they can be opened just like a zip archive), and import them into the modeling application of your choice.



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I quickly rendered this Hellknight attack sequence in 3D Studio Max:




Be aware that the normal map files are in different places in the pk4 files (in this case, in heightmaps and addnormal folders) and that I had to convert them to PNGs because the DDS files couldn't be opened (the diffuse and spec maps caused no problem, though).

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