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An Introduction Thread

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Hello (Doom)world! I'm FuzzySpaceRaptor, a 17-year-old gamer, history buff, obvious furry, and hipster of sorts; I tend to shy away from the popular titles and am more likely to gravitate towards old games that'd have to be dusted off quite thoroughly were they in physical form. My heritage starts with MechWarrior 3, so I'm a huge BattleTech fan, but it's subsequently opened me up to other older action and customization-centered titles. I find that, with mods, classic Doom has plenty of gameplay "customization" to offer; as such, I always found it more attractive than the Doom reboot.


I've been following Doom and other idTech1 games since I was 14 or 15, and started playing in 2016 when I was 15. I started vanilla with Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Heretic, and even a little Hexen, but I soon moved on to the Doomseeker/Zandronum scene, and you might even recognize my name from there. I've now gone back and finished vanilla Ultimate Doom and Doom II; I'm starting TNT: Evilution with Complex Clusterfuck, but I'm unsure if that's the best replacer mod to run it with and am seeking suggestion from here on that.


Hopefully I'll have enough time to frequent here and expose myself to more of what makes the Doom community so special and great. Take care, everyone! ^w^

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Hello and welcome!

as far as TNT goes, you may want to start out playing it just vanilla first- it's notoriously difficult. Complex, as you've probably found out, ups the monsters' attack damages, I'm unsure if it adds to the monster count but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. But hey, it's up to you- if you can beat it that way, go for it!

I can tell you from my experience with the Doom community (at least here), we're a pretty passionate bunch. I've always enjoyed checking the forums each day for different questions and theories that pop up about different things, and if you want to create things, there's a lot of support to be found. I hope you come to enjoy your time here and stick around a while! :D

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I'm glad you're one more that will be here in the doom world, so Welcome to doomworld!


Now, that's why you play tnt with complex doom you decide to use, because I really do not like complex, it's not for me, (I think it's very overloaded with unnecessary things) but it's my opinion so if you enjoy it ahead!

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Well hello there and welcome! Nice to see that younger folks enjoy playing Doom as well. I hope you'll find the Doomworld community as interesting, creative, friendly and passionate as I did and of course contribute to it in the form of WADs or music, or textures, or cat pictures or well thought out forum posts.


Have fun!

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