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How to add custom player class with custom weapon replacement.


Hello guys,


I know this title sounds kinda stupid and confusing; furthermore, how do I DECORATE weapons that are assigned for different player class (like Samsara). I have already added a custom class with Terror Billy (BJ) and I have no clue on how to make him pick up a certain weapon instead of the DOOM Super Shotgun. Is there a way in like DECORATE to only pick up a weapon assigned only to that class. Is there more to this? Let me know, if you want.


Thank you,




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I looked at how Samsara does it, and it uses ACS to determine what class the player is and give the right weapon. In retardcm5.0mp.pk3, they used a different, DECCORATE-only approach that might be easier to use. Basically, each class is given a different custom inventory item at spawn, and the inventory item that replaces the weapon pickup looks at which class-specific item the player has to decide which weapon to give. Look at the code to see how it is done, and ask questions if you still need to.

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