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The Other Guy

Mods by you

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Anyone have a mod they have created that they want reviewed on YouTube?


Well I'm looking for some, but the files need to be compatible with GZDOOM and not be in a .rar format.


Also the mod has to be by you or a close friend, no mods you found online.

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59 minutes ago, m8f said:

Sure, why not: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/99760-m8fs-toolbox-a-bunch-of-addons-for-gzdoom/


Just curious, why only the mod authors (or their friends) should post here?

So I can review mods that aren't mainstream, basically I want mods not many people have seen 


Also sadly none of these mods work, not your fault, this app is just dumb sometimes

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It feels weird to toot my own horn, but alright. I "ported" a weapon from Terraria into Doom:



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