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I will commentate your maps! Level design analysis/critique.

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I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow so the videos will be on a short hiatus. Expect a return to the normal rate in about a week.

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7 hours ago, Plusw said:


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So to recap i should probably make some of the layout of where they keys at a little bit more clearer and switch the encounters a tiny bit... i guess

Overall i thank you for the feedback, i should probably profit from it to update the maps for next version!

and yes i took a lot of inspiration from going down because i was mostly going for a speedmapping style of playing so.


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Single map, prboom+ cl11 at the least. 


Doom 2, map 1. 


Would love to hear your thoughts on this. 


Might take you a little while on a first try (1 hour ish) but, hopefully that is fine by you 


More info: 



Btw, it also recieved an honorable mention in this year's cacowards. But, that's just me shamelessly boasting :D


Map is quite hard, difficulty settings are implemented of course.

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Hello all. Unfortunately I'm going to have to stop taking submissions at this point in time. I might start doing this regularly again in the future but right now its quite hard to find the time.


I'll still be working through the maps that have already been submitted, so odds are if you posted your map here it will be played in the near(ish) future.

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