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Blighted aura. A heretic RPG

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Today is the day you would be wanting, yep. going into the world of heretic and developing an RPG that will become a master piece, yes, I call it the blighted aura, which will have some very large content, and journey to the island of lanka zia, and will become the first heretic RPG to feature the 4 horse rider generals from hexen 2, and the ultimate boss from heretic 2. Morcalavin, screenshots of the maps as well as there progress will be uploaded in a moment.

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Levels E1m1 to e1m9. more maps coming soon


Note: Im also developing a leveling up and exp mechanism


List of screenshots: e1m1-e1m9


Village of Athens 75%

The journey and the voyage 85%

The swamps of Andorra 55%

Temple of agustus 75%

Temple of blazimus 75%

Temple of elamimus 50%

Temple of dustazanis 64%

Chapel of famine 43%

Scychelles dungeons not yet


I will start e2m1-e2m9 after this map set














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Well.....this is so awfully familiar...

Reminds me of another mapset with the same idea....

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