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Cyberdoom A origenes

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1) Read the New to Posting Maps guide. At the very least, people want in-game screenshots and a brief description of what the file is, including the targeted port (GZDoom?). 

2) You are sharing a 100 MB wad file, which is a lot. I'd suggest bundling it in a .zip or .rar using a program like WinZip or WinRAR, which can be downloaded for free online. 


(The OP might not be fluent in English, as this is the third time that something of this sort has been posted over the years, in spite of advice. So it would be helpful if someone can provide a suitable translation, including a few things from that guide.)

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Original wad file is 106Mb. OP added all Quake2 patches and flats (including Texture1 and Pnames) to the wad twice. Also added most of the custom Realm667 monsters twice. Assuming I deleted them correctly, it reduced the wad by 17Mb. Then putting the wad in a rar brings the file size down to 56Mb.

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