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Doom Year Resolutions 2018 vs. 2019

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Sup. Few days ago, I was revisiting my activity and I found this thread where many people shared their resolutions for 2018, whether working on the project of their dreams, becoming a better player, or whatever they kept procrastinating. Figured that it could be "fun" to do the checklist. These were mine:



1. More playing ()

2. Stream (X)

3. Make a status bar ()

4. Learn to map (X)

5. Map (X)

6. Express my ideas in a short set (X)

7. Dead simple (:D)

8. Start a megawad (X)

9. Join a community mapset like JOM or ACP (X)

10. Beat the IoS legally ()




But the point of the thread is for you to check your previous resolutions, if you had any, see what you accomplished and whatnot, and share your new ones!. This could turn either satisfying or depressive depending on each individual, but Doom is still alive, and so are you, and it's never too late to get your things done. My new resolutions for 2019 remain the same minus number 2, though who knows *. At least I have a list of nearly 50 ideas to craft in maps someday as it's getting bigger, and 21 days left to go mad on ol' Icon of Sin with no cheating allowed, so I will make progress anytime soon. 


*EDIT: and...


- Keep up with Hexen and actually finnish it. Same with Strife. 

- Expand my tastes, like trying GZDoom specific wads and more single maps since I'm a megawad fanboy.

- Try my best to be less tense when recording demos, that is getting better at them. 

- Finnish my comments for Legacy of Heroes and ALL of the rest of wads that I played and not reviewed. 

- Release a set of status bars I made for my own enjoyment, to spread the love for the standard HUD. 

- Adopt a caco.


Your turn!

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-play through the 2001 top 10
-play stuff from 2016-2012 that I have not gotten around to
-keep abreast of 2017 (lol yea rite)
-play deus vult2002: ado, mars war, invasion 1.9
-do more author deep dives (like I did for the Master Levels authors) (this is happening!)
-play Doom II for review
-play Doom64EX for review
-do more cherry picking from my 500 reviews request list
-backfill all screenshots
-update those old hand-screenshots up thru the master levels, at least
-maybe finish a map (as Alfonzo once said, completing the reviewer's pact)


This list is actually two years old. I  disengaged with anything that had to do with 2017 until after the Cacowards - took a long break from anything related to Doom - and then when I started up again I spent most of my time playing through the 2001 top 10 dovetailed with the entire back catalogue of everyone involved with 2002: A Doom Odyssey. Plus some diversions from my very old request list. I do have a list of stuff with a predictable rotation that I'm working through and Doom64 (via Doom64EX) is actually coming up soon. I'm probably as far from making a map as I've ever been. I am doing the author deep dives, tho. Malcolm Sailor is completely played except for MSSCRAPS and I've also been doing this in the run-up to pretty much all of the classic stuff that I've been reviewing lately.



The new list:


-play through the 2002 top 10

-finish the 2017 Cacowards

-play the 2018 Cacowards (ha!)

-author deep dives

-play Doom64EX for review

-more cherry picking from the review request list

-update screenshots through the Master Levels, maybe

-work my queue


My current short-term goal is finishing the Top 10 WADs of 2002. The long-term goal is building toward Community Chest 2. The "endgame", so to speak, is Plutonia 2.

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I had only two goals for this year, failed at one and was able to finish the other :P


[X] - Release a Director's Cut of Moonblood: Still need to do three map replacements, but tbh, I'm not sure if I'll keep on it...


[✔] - Release my 11-level mini project which I've put in hiatus for a few months: Which ended up being Exomoon and it's on /idgames now :D

For the next year, I guess my only Doom-related goal will be releasing Ozônia as a full mapset and make an mp3 version of the Moonblood soundtrack. I want to make a community project too, but that might have to wait a bit more.

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From my 2018 resolutions:


1) Actually tackle my request list a bit more seriously.

2) Try not to UNFAIRLY criticise mappers and their maps due to myself struggling at their difficulty, providing it's reasonable. (i.e. rage less)

3) Consider making another Doom map. (speedmap or otherwise...)

4) Continue to help out new mappers when possible. (playtesting or otherwise)

5) Petition for a "No Revenants Community Project".

6) Take part in a speedrunning race, even if I end up last.

7) Possibly do some kind of co-op/multiplayer stream thing at some point in 2018.


I have tackled my request list pretty well this year, although I still got distracted a few times!

Having a webcam in use for my livestreams has helped to curb my rage a bit, but I still have much work to do on that front. Getting a little better though at handling difficult map swings!

I haven't really bothered with making my own map, although I still plan on doing so at some point again. I've helped the odd new mapper here or there with a playtest livestream, but nothing like I used to do a few years back. Number 5 is no longer something I care to do. I'm still considering taking part in some sort of Doom speedrunning in the future, but not at the moment. And co-op/multiplayer streams are being planned!


I'm not setting any Doom resolutions for 2019. I have enough things to be getting on with.

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1 hour ago, Suitepee said:

I'm not setting any Doom resolutions for 2019. I have enough things to be getting on with.


This sums it up for me. :)


More elaborately - I'm not going to let myself get so wrapped up in Doom moving forward. 2018's been unhealthy in terms for me personally, despite being more active etc; so here's to next year, where I'm more focused on me and not doom I guess :P

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I didn't have any Doom related resolutions last year.  But I have a couple this year.


1) Records and upload at least 2 full megawads a month for my YouTube.  I've already started a list starting with Eviternity and Valve (with Final Doomer Plus) in January.


2) Get maps finished for Bloodloss.

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I had to dig around a bit to find my old list because it was on a different thread, but let's see:



- Get back on track with my Heretic and Hexen projects (for each, a map set and a custom texture WAD as its companion project)

Version 1 of the Heretic texture WAD is available now along with an update to the Hexen one that was already out.  Did several Heretic maps, one single release, a couple in community packs, one unreleased but "finished".  Very little progress on the Hexen levels though.  Still a more productive year for level making than previous ones have been.  Moderate success.



- Actually test and review the large stack of add-on CDs I've collected over time.  I've sort of been doing that on my website for a while but the current listing there is both out of date and rather halfassed.

Added more to the stack, with only a little bit of progress in so far as the reviewing stuff is concerned.  Mostly a fail.



- Play through more of the old classic megawads that I either never played, or only ever played partway.

I think I played a bit further into Memento Mori than I ever had before but still didn't finish it, and that's it.  Fail.



- Program some tools to help with WAD comparison and analysis (going along with the add-on CD thing... make it easier to figure out what's changed when there are two slightly different versions of a WAD out there and similar tasks)

An effort was made.  I got some quick-and-dirty stuff slapped together to read a .WAD index and spit out individual CRC32 hashes for each lump.  But SLADE can pretty much already do that and I didn't add the other more interesting stuff like parsing THINGS lumps and the like to compare for specific differences between two WADs.  Not exactly a fail but could do better.


- Get back on track with my initiative to upload more of the missing-from-idgames WADs for Heretic and Hexen that I've been able to find.


This made progress, found some more material and uploaded several things, but still not all of what I have on queue.  Most notably, all of the Castle of Combat maps (excluding map 8 if it ever existed, which it may not have) are now available on idgames, as well as a bunch of other odds and ends.  Moderate success.


- Possibly mess around with some source port coding stuff but that's more of a back burner idea at the moment.


No effort was made beyond downloading and setting up some compiler stuff.  Fail.



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Well I didn't post in the linked thread, but my #1 Doom resolution every year, with varing degress of success, is to map more. It's tough as hell, and I'm still not very good, but I can tell I've improved between my first map and my JOM4 submission or my upcoming DWMP 2018 map. I just need to dedicate more time to it and stay motivated. 


Besides that, "more megawads" is always a safe bet. It takes me a while for each since I force myself to play on UV for some reason. :P

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(X) Surviving in Ironman sessions.

(v) Finishing my reviews (in french) of Eternal Slumber Party 1 and 2

(v) Also , completing every level of ESP 1 and 2 on pistol start.

(v) Making a small mapset (finished but not released yet)

(x) create my own style in mapping.

(x) improving my english by making reviews for Doomworld megawad club. (I participated a few months but a lot of mapsets are boring to review)

(x) Finishing my map for the project "Necromantic Thirst".


My to-do list for 2019 :


- Record a demo and review every Death-destiny map on UV pistol start and also Didy and Paul977's maps.

- Surviving in Ironman sessions.

- Create a map for Mayhem 2019.

- Create a more substantial Vanilla or Limit-removing mapset.

- Making speed-run demos.

- Making at least three maps for the project "180 minutes pour vivre". A french speedmapping project similar to "3 heures d'agonie".

- Finishing my map for Necromanthic Thirst.





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On 12/16/2017 at 12:31 AM, Eris Falling said:

For once I actually managed to keep my resolutions from last year:

1.8 maps (Mayhem17 MAP08, ErisTNT MAP01)

27 MIDIs (13x Panophobia, 6x Rebirth MIDI Pack, 4x Standalone, 3x The Given, 1x Maskim Xul) + the release of Revilution with several ancient works.


So I think - as far as contributions to this community goes - this has been my best year since I joined. For next year I just hope to continue that, but it would be nice to get quicker and better at mapping too. Maybe actually play Doom a bit more often as well.




2.5 maps (ASS34 MAP06, Mayhem Orange MAP07, Eviternity MAP29 w/ Dragonfly)

7 MIDIs, 1 OGG (4x Panophobia, 1x Perdition's Gate Resurgence, 1x whatever Oxyde's project is, 1x Phoenix Speedmusic, 1x Eviternity (OGG))


Meh. I'm not going to say the same thing for next year because life has changed and all that. There's an Elementalism map which I'll be writing music for very soon, hopefully I'll be able to do some more for that project, but sadly I think the peak of my activity in the community passed with last year. I'll never leave, but given how little I post here lately and with today being so important in Doom's history, it seems a good time to say that I'm truly grateful for everything this game and its community has done for me since I joined, thank you <3

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On 12/16/2017 at 10:42 AM, Misty said:

1.Play maps on UV skill and try improve my gameplay skills. 

2.Record some miscallenous demos for random maps.

3. Review more maps for new stuff chronicles(unless it get removed or cleaned for fresh start)

4. Improve mapping skills more. 

5. Finish one map called "boiling caves" and release it, even if it gets negative response.





6. Idk, it's very unrelated, but I need stop overreact at some things :"")


I only improved mapping skills and still work on it. I need review couple of maps too, almost done with them

Other 3 are never done. 


Anyway, what I'm expecting to do next year:

1.finish my first episodic release(still in progress)

2. Host my first community project.

3. Return to speedmapping.

4. Polish my mapping skills.

5. Review stuff

6. Make gifs of my favourite wad places. 

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1. Try to make better maps in 2019.

2. Come up with something unique, which is a challenge nowadays.

3. Kept wishing for my own megawad, but I don't pursue that goal any longer. Can't do it, pefectionism is a bitch. 

4. Finish most of my maps, or delete everything.

5. Maybe quit mapping forgood, its not as fun as it used to be.


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44 minutes ago, skillsaw said:

Really hoping to get serious again this year.

Definitely looking forward to this

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My goal in 2019 is to make 6 to 10 more maps for The Next Doom Odyssey which includes the completion of episode 1 and upload a standalone release to idgames. Remaster and release WOS soundtrack (my songs only, not Kristian's).

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My 2019 resolutions as a Doom newbie;


1) Create a map with actual thought about setting and gameplay put into.

2) Try not to fight with my wife over it.

3) Move back to Germany.

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17 hours ago, Roofi said:

My to-do list for 2019 :

- Finishing my map for Necromanthic Thirst.






You're still working on necromantic thirst? I remember reading that it had been canceled due to the team disbanding or something.  Good to see it has not disappeared. I found it impressive. 

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this is less doom year resolutions and more goals in general, but i'll still post them



  • start a community project ✓
  • learn to not take 6 months making maps 
  • throw a party for my puppy's first birthday ✓ (not doom related, but she's my little doomguy (she got pineapple muffins))

2018, the remainder of december:

  • release infernew (still in alphas, waiting on some big updates from a few mappers)
  • create the ultimate-starterpack to replace my existing starterpack. it'll include multiple source ports, multiple tools like slade, gzdb, whacked, etc., some test wads, and a launcher of some kind to wrap them all up (likely ZDL) + some batch files to install and set up everything in only a few clicks. over time i'd likely add more and more information and simple guides for people to use. just something to celebrate 25 years of doom, albeit a little late


  • create multiple doom related tools hopefully using in part slade's new scripting features, if they're advanced enough (i have ideas for 3 potentially fairly helpful tools in mind)
  • generic christmas community project
  • finally resume work on my little dm pack (it's been well received so far but i haven't had time to work on it in almost a year)
  • complete at least the shareware episode of the project my birthday map was from (i've got the groundwork for at least two other maps so far, and plan to do around 5-6 for the first episode)

hopefully slade's scripting tools are as good as i hope they'll be

i'm likely way in over my head with this, since i still take 6 months per map, but i'll still try my darndest

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Strife: Mothership should release in 2019. The album's worth of soundtrack music is recorded, I just need to finalize mixes and mastering. A couple more maps to do, some further decorate work (internal screaming) and then lots of gameplay testing/revising.


It will be smaller in scope than I envisioned unfortunately. :( Can't stand working with the old Hexen format anymore, I wish GZDoombuilder was around when I started this project.


2019 will be a year of Strife for me.

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My goals are pretty simple in words and those are:

  • Own better equipment, so that I can stream without problems and play more extensive maps
  • Finish all of my standalone maps.

That's all for now. Not gonna ask much really :)

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- release one new map to keep my consecutive years streak going at 15
- quickly redesign most of my maps to be compatible with the Buddha Fingers chillax/sf2012/supergun2 zdaemon server settings and compile them into a big wad for fun casual coop play

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One of my resolutions last year was contributing some maps for a project, so i guess i did good there since this year i was really productive making new maps, many of them were contributions to community projects. This year has been a really good one in doom modding for me, i've done more maps this year than before, and not to mention that the quality of the maps i produced raised considerably, so cheers to 2018

I'll keep things simple for 2019

-Slowdown a bit on joining new community projects

-Complete a personal project (6-8 maps maybe)

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On ‎12‎/‎31‎/‎2017 at 4:42 PM, Liberation said:
  • Finish my ep1 replacement, only 3 maps left to go!
  • Make some Heretic levels


Same again thanks!

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Didn't set a goal for this year. I'll probably try to review this next year :D

1. Successfully finish a UV Max/Reality run of Ultimate Doom E4M6

2. Have more than 300 demos on DSDA

3. Learn mapping (maybe)

4. Finish Eviternity, a project mainly by Dragonfly, possibly a playthrough video set

5. Maybe some other MegaWADs in 2019

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Since family circumstances are pending to change, I likely won't have as much time to map. My only goal then is to release one good map.

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Never thought to make a yearly list of goals. Here goes:

  • Work on more maps, actually focus on releasing stuff
  • Work on and hopefully release my IPFS based WAD host
  • Contribute to some community project, whether it be with maps or testing or something
  • Attain some artistic skill so I don't feel like a complete buffoon when making custom assets



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- play some notable wads

- do my part to rescue /newstuff from the dreadful backlog

- finally work on the handful of Doom mapset ideas I've had bouncing around in my skull for years

- learn to compose music

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