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Doom Year Resolutions 2018 vs. 2019

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From my 2018 resolutions.

- I didn't stop savespamming (since I hardly even started my let's play Doom channel)

+ detoxed from BD (for now). Since they made new version, changed everything, and lost interest again.

-/+ I actually started a bit my secondary youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZGGRmKmHFm_zme95UuCTMg ), but only lately and not much playing yet

+ at least I did the most important for me, continue with the Doom 3DO coding, and even released a first version OptiDoom ;)

- failed to do any mapping. I wanted to do a megawad, maybe episode 1, but didn't even bother or was too busy with other things.


For 2019.

* Definitelly more Doom 3DO coding, with 1st focus on speed improvement, 2nd focus modding capabilities (allow users to easily throw resources on a specific folder format on extracted CD, let them select and load additional mods/assets from menu)

* I am actually thinking making a set of maps again, but specifically for Doom 3DO, when the mod capability is ready, especially focusing on avoiding level design that will make things go very slow on 3DO, yet trying to keep it fun to play. Maybe make an episode 1 of small maps as an example when I release the version of OptiDoom with modding capabilities.

* I think I'll start uploading Doom play videos from time to time on my new channel.

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2018 was a year in which I had a wide range of goals for life, gaming and Doom. Most of this weren't met, or were delayed or even actively failed. I've carefully been tracking my progress in the thread for 2018, but that time has now passed. In acceptance of my diminished interest and participation in the Doom community at large and also my own hobby as a mapper, this year the goals are much lighter.

  1. Do not, under any circumstances, sign up for any kind of community or team project
    • I only let people down 90% of the time anyway and end up with more unfinished stuff
  2. Finish something - this may be a new project purposely started for a quick finish, or any of the following already-started and planned projects:
    • Persephone vol. 3 (and the full 3-volume compilation)
      • ~75% done
      • Plan currently hinges on Warpzone II being done, although an alternative plan of using a different map has been suggested
    • Bigger Woodchip (single big UDMF map picking up where Big Woodchip left off)
      • Resources compiled
      • ~1% done
    • Escalation III (single UDMF map with exactly 250 monsters on all difficulties)
      • Resources compiled
    • Triacontathlon (30 limit-removing maps, each working to a different limit/challenge)
      • Resources compiled
      • 11/30 maps made
      • 1 reject map
    • Warpzone II (single big map made from a compilation of various deathmatch maps and other stuff I've got laying around)
      • ~60% done
    • Darkened Heart (21 ZDoom-in-Doom format maps for Ultimate Doom with 3D floors and custom monsters)
      • Resources compiled
      • 1/21 maps made
    • Suicide Missions (27 ZDoom-in-Doom format speed maps for Ultimate Doom with 3D floors and custom monsters)
      • Resources compiled
      • 3/27 maps made
      • 4th map is ~5% done


The problem is that I'm an adult with stuff to do and, although I do have plenty of free time, going out, playing games, watching Netflix, reading books and reading stuff on the internet (like news) all seem more interesting than making yet another map for Doom, or putting even more time into another ambitious project that's stalled. Particularly when there's little reward for the work anyway. I wish I'd had my current Doom skills when I was young enough that actually finishing a megaWAD or a giant map was exciting and carried dreams of wide recognition and internet fame. Alas...

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Submit a pull request for the next version of QZDL.

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Dunno. There are no more demos I want to make. Maybe I will think of something later.


Just going to do whatever this year.

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