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Taw Tu'lki

I remixed a music from Electric Eddie

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In 2008 I was getting a New Year's gift. It was a DVD with games. In one side there were a new games (most of them were a thrash), in another side there were an old games for DOS and Windows 9x.

One of the new games from this disk was a puzzle game for children (it named Electric Eddie). But in this game was a strange thing. It has an unchildish music. Something like a darkwave or coldwave. I was surprised. I don't know who's author and why he decided to put depressing music to game for children.

Here's original OST from this game

5 years later I decided to make an experiments with these music tracks by Goldwave. And voila, I turned depression music to oldschool rap:

And 4 years later I experimented with video and VHS effects in Sony Vegas. And that's what happened.


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