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PrBoom-plus multiplayer on Linux

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I'm trying to setup a gameserver (Debian GNU/Linux buster/sid). It's the first time I try, so I'm no expert. I've installed the distro package prboom-plus-game-server, version

I start the server with:

# screen -S prboom -d -m su -l prboom -c '/usr/games/prboom-plus-game-server -N 1 -p 5039 -a -w chemale.wad,https://webcloud.virtualbit.it/chemale.wad'

The server starts and outputs the following:

Listening on port 5039, waiting for 1 players
Wad chemale.wad (https://webcloud.virtualbit.it/chemale.wad)
Player states: [    ]

But if I check the listening TCP ports, port 5039 is not present, nor is the default 5030:

# netstat -nltp | grep 5039
# netstat -nltp | grep 5030

If I check prboom is still running, it actually is:

# ps axu | grep ^prboom
prboom    2443  0.0  0.2  89028  4340 ?        Ss   Dec10   0:00 /usr/games/prboom-plus-game-server -N 1 -p 5039 -a -w chemale.wad,https://webcloud.virtualbit.it/chemale.wad

Obviously if I try to connect with a telnet client, I get connection refused. What am I doing wrong?



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Ok, figured it out myself. The server listens for UDP packets, not TCP connections. The documentation (the manpage) is wrong, or at least it is the one that comes with the Debian package.

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Next problem: the client now connects, but it can't find the PWAD file. Isn't it supposed to download it from the specified URL?

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