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Heretic (unmodified) SC-55 Music Pack

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SC-55 Music Pack - available in OGG, FLAC, and MP3 (metadata loop tags are supported in all but the MP3 pack)


At long last I've finally completed the Heretic music pack. Since I've gotten back to recording these packs I had planned to rework Heretic's soundtrack a bit in light of some new recent information that had come to light from the original composer himself, Kevin Schilder. However, as I half-expected, I encountered a strong desire for the unmolested tracks. So here they are in all their glory.


This will work basically out of the box with G/ZDoom, you just have to add the ZIP as a "+file" command line parameter. They can also work on other source ports, though I'm not entirely 100% positive on which ones specifically will. But I know G/ZDoom does very well.


I will still be recording an "enhanced" music pack for this game based on the issues I laid out in the aforementioned thread, but that will come after Hexen which is next on my list.


I hope you enjoy! And please report any errors or issues you have with the pack. Thank you!

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