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Need Help on Slade's Formatting




I haven't found reliable, readable user intructions on how to format my decorate scripts, textures; basically all wads that I want to pack into one PWAD so that it's like a full custom DOOM-based campaign. I know it's very important and can make-or-break your PWAD, but the issue is actually knowing the purpose of stuff like P_START, and how to compile all the wads in a specific format and not have 20 different decorate scripts doing different things. Right now I'm using ZDL to launch 8 different wads at the same time to make sure thing are in working order.


Thanks bois

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That's a very open-ended question. And it's not so much about SLADE or about formatting than it is about how to organize the data files, right? SLADE just happens to be the recommended tool for that but it'd be the same thing with a different wad editor.


Generally, try to group together things that belong in the same namespace and for DECORATE files you can rename them and #include them from a central DECORATE file.


You can also organize stuff in a directory structure and make a PK3 instead of a WAD. That can be simpler to understand since everyone's used to work with folders.

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