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Note to moderators: I am the same TDRR who posted this mod before, but i lost that account. It's ok if you lock or delete the old thread. I think it's enough proof that i'm myself when i'm posting a mod that literally no one but me plays/cares about



Doomguy's Unknown Battlegrounds (Name change pending)


Sad because G/ZDoom doesn't have CTF support? Well, that's no more!


Introducing, The Unnamed Capture The Flag System for ZDoom and Zandronum!
To use it, you need to type in the console "playctf" (without quotes) and DUBG will do the rest for you,
but if you absolutely need to do it manually, you can either open the .pk3 file in SLADE and then open
KEYCONF, where the alias definition is located, or in-game just type "alias" and you will see a list of
defined aliases, look for playctf: and that's where the commands are listed.
Or in Zandronum you can simply start a skirmish with Team Deathmatch mode on maps DCTF01 and DCTF02

Includes 3 maps, DUBG01 by Shamus Young, DCTF01 by Ralphis, DCTF02 by ZDoomBot creator (dunno which of both)


DUBG, currently in Alpha 5, is a mod that adds a bunch o' weapons to Doom and makes the
experience a bit more randomized and plans to add many new gamemodes to keep the experience
fresh, right now the only new gamemode is CTF and with the (maybe) upcoming Battle Royale mode, things are looking better than ever.

It's also meant mostly for Deathmatch, but it works well in singleplayer maps too!


Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?




-D-Touch/Zandro/1.8.6 Compatible!
-Optimized for VERY crappy computers and phones
-Animated using the latest TEXTURES technology, saving a lot of disk space
-15 new weapons
-Female status bar face controlled via the current player skin
(That means it works on GZDoom too!)


-Compatibility with Adventures of Square, Chex Quest, Heretic, Hexen (but Hexen compat is pretty bad and meant for DM only)
-One menu where you can switch to the next map, add/remove bots and a bit more
-Splitscreen compatibility using SSZDoom and the file DUBG-Splitscreen.pk3
-(Optional) Sprays! code from this adapted for 1.8.6 (currently not ingame)


-3, count em', THREE new maps! (DoomCity by Shamus Young, Magic Ice Forts by Ralphis, Fortress CTF by ZDoomBot creator)
More in later updates.


-Compatible with any monster mod
-Player vs Player Glory kills
-A bunch of stolen borrowed sprites, credits inside the mod




Fist: Your fist, which alternating both fire and altfire keys can combo, and killing another player
with the fist executes a glory kill animation

AltFire: Use your right fist, alternating this with fire
allows you to execute combos
Ammo: Infinite (You can't run out of fist)


Pistol: Just a regular semi-automatic handgun

AltFire: Toggle laser sight, boosting damage and accuracy
at the cost of firing speed (And people noticing you from miles away in DM)
Ammo: Bullets
Clip capacity: 18 bullets


Colt Revolver: A strong single-action revolver with great accuracy

AltFire: Charged shot, with double the damage the normal fire and the ability to penetrate through enemies
Ammo: 2 Bullets per shot
Clip capacity: 8 shots


Shotgun: A pretty accurate pump-action shotgun

AltFire: Kick, dealing a fair amount of damage. Good for finishing those weakened enemies.
Ammo: Shells
Clip capacity: 10 shells


Super Shotgun: A very strong double barrel shotgun with a long reloading time and high recoil, allowing for blast jumping.

AltFire: Fire one barrel at a time
Ammo: Shells
Clip capacity: Draws directly from ammo pool


Assault Shotgun: An automatic shotgun with fast firerate, but slow reload time and big spread

AltFire: Kick buttowski
Ammo: Shells (See a pattern yet?)
Clip capacity: 20 shells


Minigun: A really fast firing minigun,but it has a LOT of recoil, also, ammo consumption

AltFire: Nothing at all
Ammo: Bullets


UAC Compact SMG: A side-loaded sub machinegun with a fast firerate but a fairly long reload

AltFire: Nothing
Ammo: Bullets
Clip Capacity: 35


Assault rifle: A rifle that works best in short controlled bursts to keep accuracy

AltFire: Switch between Burst/Automatic firemodes
Ammo: Bullets
Clip Capacity: 25


Heavy Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher: A very powerful RPG that slows you down

AltFire: Nothing
Ammo: Rockets
Clip Capacity: 2[/list]


Grenade Launcher: A single-shot grenade launcher weaker than the RPG, but also a lot lighter

AltFire: Nothing

Ammo: Rockets

Clip Capacity: Draws directly from the ammo pool


UAC Mark II Plasma Rifle: Your regular plasma rifle with a heat accumulating mechanism

AltFire: release the heat charged after 20 shots
Ammo: 1 cell per shot
Clip capacity: 40 shots


UAC Mark II Railgun: A very powerful Railgun with perfect accuracy

AltFire: Zoom in, immobilizing the user
Ammo: 10 Cells per shot
Clip Capacity: 40


The BFG 10k: The latest in plasma technology, this gun delivers a lot of really hot plasma at a frightening rate,
the ammo consumption is frightening, too

AltFire: Nothing
Ammo: 10 Cells per shot
Clip Capacity: No reloading


Mysterious red sphere: Has a small chance to spawn in place of the Soulsphere or Megasphere

AltFire: ???
Ammo: ???




Note: To use vehicles, get close to them and press the "Use" key
They are controlled using your movement keys or any device you use for moving
Press the "Use" key again to get off them


They can appear in Doom2 MAP15 and MAP16


Motorbike: A regular motorbike with great speed but crappy handling
Health: 150


Green Car: A normal car with bad speed but great handling
Health: 500[/spoiler]












Remember to bind your keys before playing, and to have a look at the DUBG options menu!


Download Alpha 5!


Patch meant for playing with SSZDoom (split-screen ZDoom) with it, in an Xbox 360 controller LT throws grenades, and A reloads and is also the "use" button. Remember to disable freelook when playing in SSZDoom!

Download SSZDoom compatibility patch



Download Bot Config


Feedback is greatly appreciated, any suggestions will be considered.


Edited by -TDRR- : clarifying something

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