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Phobos invasion: Part V: Finding the hangar

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UAC military base, north entrance, Phobos.

2nd of October, 2145.


"At this point, many demons have poured out from the interdimensional gateways, and have slaughtered every scientist, and almost every space marine aswell. The top priority is now survival. This will be the last part of the Phobos invasion."

- Sir, you've been hurt pretty badly, are you sure you can go any further?

Yes, DAMN IT, I must, otherwise, I'll be their last damn meal. We made it back to the north entrance, now we'll have to wait for help. There are too many demons in there, so we can't get our hands on any computer, at all. This day has to be the worst in my pathetic, simple life. We discover a few gateways of some sort, and what happens when we turn them on? Yeah, we're getting signals from the pits of hell!

- Sir, I know our situation is extreme and serious, but shouldn't we be thinking about our own survival, now that those darklord dipshits have murdered every single one of our crew, that was assigned to this project? I mean, if we're gonna get out of this mess, we should be on the move. BUT, now that you're seriously injured, I don't have a clue.

Son, I'm trained for these situations, and I have experienced a few of them. But I have never imagined this sort of event would occure, EVER. Who would ever suspect that beings from the damned world, hell itself, would attack us suddenly? No-one, the ones who gave this project the green light, couldn't even dream about this sort of event. Yes, I know that I'm bleeding alot, and that leaves us only one damn choice, soldier. You will have to leave me behind, so you can continue your journey back to freedom, from these horrible creatures. But hey, we found that damn beserk-kit, and it saved one life, thank God. Those friggin' scientists, they couldn't handle the forces that were around them, and look what happened afterwards.

- I understand sir, all of it. But I feel that it would be wrong to leave you here, considering all the help I've got from you. Sir, where would I go, if I would continue without you?

The best place for you to hide, would probably be the hangar. You must go outside, and head east. Search for a enormous building, and a silversteel like door, located at the middle of the building. It has a security code, but you can shoot at the computer lock, and the door will open. It's quite big actually, it has a big computer room, a small courtyard, and a few smaller areas, such as corridors and larger rooms. You should find an elevator, at the far east of the hangar. THAT'S your way outta here, find that damn elevator, and you will discover the secret part of this rotten base........the underground nuclear plant.

- What the.....!? I assume that the scientists kept THAT classified aswell, sir!?

Indeed. There are many things that we space marines wasn't supposed to know, but it doesn't matter now, does it? We were the scientist's guards, nothing could EVER happen to them......bastards. So, I think you should be going now, son.

- But I've only got one clip in my pistol. Lousy technology, why can't you come up with a pistol that can carry OVER MORE THAN 50 LOUSY BULLETS?

Don't ask me, I'm used to much older crappy stuff than you.

- Sir, it has been an true honor serving you.

Don't mention it, son......don't mention it....

- Damn it.....! Sir..!? SIR......!!?

Washington, New York, USA, Earth.

20 minutes later.


- The Pentagon has finally sent their two companies of troops to the moon Deimos, in order to catch any distress signals from the UAC base, on Phobos. If they should not receive anything in 24 hours, they will continue and land near the military facility.

West side of the hangar, military base, Phobos.

50 minutes later.


This must be it. There's the door. Access denied. Screw that, eat some bullets! Woooh, this place is creepy. I wonder what those barrels might contain.....

"And the very long journey began for our dear old Doomguy. I hope the parts of this story haven't been too short, and that you have found it interesting reading them. I guess we should blaim the scientists for the beginning of it all, because they didn't even know the risks, because they would see things they didn't even had imagined before."

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Bring it on!

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Draconio said:

Good story, I liked it.

But, I wonder what happened to the troops sent from earth?

Well, travelling with conventional space crafts does take a while - I suppose there will be nothing left but rotting corpses of demons and marines by the time they get there, because good ol' doomguy cleared both Phobos and Deimos.

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