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Unfortunaly I haven't enjoyed much, it reminded me a lot Hell Hevealed and other similars wads which isn't my cup of tea >.< I'm also not a very skilled player, so I ended dying a lot. There were some cool ideas here and there, though, and I enjoyed to fight higher ties enemies early on, although the enemy placement isn't my style at all haha You might want to get feedback from someone more skilled than me, tbh


Here's my terrible playthrough (I died a lot >.<):



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TL;DR: easy slaughter wad in vanilla-themed levels.


I played through E1 and a few maps of E2, and only died once in E1 in the room with pillars in a slime pit. A lot of the fights are against lots of meat walls (cacos, barons, pinkies) accompanied by hordes of imps, but more often than not they are positioned in a predictable way and during some fights you can pretty much just stand in one spot spamming rockets at the enemies approaching, sidestepping every now and then to dodge a fireball. For me personally combat has mostly been a little bit on the boring side with one or two fights reaching "tedious" and one or two fights being challenging compared to the rest of the WAD.


Health and ammo are plentiful, and the levels so far have been easy to navigate and they seem to follow original Doom 1 episode themes, more or less. Apart from the IMO weird texture choice for some small doors, Ultimate^2 looks good for a vanilla-style WAD.

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Are you planning for a release on idgames?

Yes, later



Got stuck on E2M1 though, yellow key only appears on UV

Ok, I'll fix it

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