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Time Parallax - The Burial Vault (Vinesauce DMC II)

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I just found out what's going on here. It' a ZRift bug, this mod doesn't replaces the model if you activate a trigger that spawn a enemy type that was previously used in the map... i think it's because of the NewTID the enemy gets when he spawns... and i dont think you can do anything about it. I'll report this bug to Pandut (ZRift's author), maybe he can fix this in the next release :/

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Really cool stuff as usual mr tornado grabber, reminds me of some of the later Unreal games' multiplayer maps.

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I had some weird collision detection issues on some of the surface areas. Some enemies (mostly revenants) would become almost like ghost monsters; sometimes hits wouldn't register, but the rocket launcher's splash damage killed them without problem. The lighting on some of the enemies seemed to blink in and out of existance as well, and a few of the monsters even managed to get stuck in walls. I was playing with GZDoom 3.6.0.

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