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Did you know the word 'snapshot' originated as a hunting term? Robin Williams said so. Anywho, speaking of snapshots it's worth a note that the sweet looking Doomsday 1.7.5 snapshot has been released (see how I close that link?). What's new, you ask? Well, sir, I will tell you, just keep your pants on! If you are not a sir then, plz2 email me, kthx! Changes/fixes:

- console command "init-(levelid)" executed after level setup; for example "init-e2m3" could be aliased to do something useful
- model loader will automatically load a DMD if it exists, even if def uses MD2
- memory zone no longer used in texture processing
- fixed a crash when lights, halos and lit sprites were all off
- fixed: game window must not be shown in dedicated mode
- crashing at startup was likely when lots of models/skins were missing
- MIDI volume: channel volumes not set separately, more compatible

There are other additional fixes and changes, but I don't want to steal their entire changelog or anything. Get other there and download the new snapshot, provided your system can run it of course. If not you can still download it and stare at the zip fule of course.

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