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Vanilla compatible console version levels

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Apologies in advance if this is the wrong board for this topic; if so, then I politely request for a mod to move it to the appropriate board. Thanks.


As a fan of Doom's legacy, there have been various ports to various game consoles for quite some time, and most of these console ports have unique and/or exclusive content. Out of curiosity, would there happen to be Vanilla-compatible versions of most of the levels that were released for the console versions of Doom? If not outright vanilla-compatible versions, are there at least limit-removing versions? Most of the time, total conversions that include these maps as well as other data that cannot be used on plain vanilla or limit-removing source ports and are also most of the time in UDMF format, thus not allowing for use on source ports such as PrBoom+ and Chocolate/Crispy Doom. The levels themselves are vanilla compatible, excluding the console-specific features of course, such as colored lighting in the Sony PlayStation version, yet these features are not part of my goal/scope; just the levels themselves are, in playable form for vanilla-compatible/limit-removing source ports.


This includes most of, but not limited to:

  • The scaled-down console versions of levels from the PC version present in most of the console versions (Atari Jaguar, Sega 32X, 3DO, Sony PlayStation/Sega Saturn, Game Boy Advance)
  • The levels Tower of Babel and Hell Keep exclusive to the Atari Jaguar, 3DO, and Game Boy Advance ports.
  • The exclusive levels present in both the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn ports (Twilight Descends, Redemption Denied, Club Doom, etc.) as well as the scaled-down console versions of levels from the PC version that are unique to these ports (such as Hangar, originally E1M1, with a chaingunner and pain elemental present in the level).
  • The two exclusive levels from Xbox Doom, E1M10: Sewers and MAP33: Betray. (Could already be vanilla-compatible as-is; have not verified yet)
  • The eight multiplayer deathmatch levels exclusive to the Game Boy Advance port. DM1 is one of the eight for an example.
  • The No Rest for the Living expansion episode present on modern console ports (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Doom 3 BFG Edition Classic Doom, etc.) (Could already be vanilla-compatible as-is; have not verified yet)

If the levels themselves are not allowed to be redistributed into WADs (I don't see why not, as the levels themselves are already apart of some mods/total conversions, listed below), then what would be the path to go down to manually convert each level into vanilla/limit-removing format? There could be a tremendous amount to cover, but I am willing to put in the work for the sake of vanilla/limit-removing compatibility.


I know of some WADs by various authors that have the level data inside them that can be refactored into vanilla/compatible/limit-removing formatted levels. Some of these WADs may already be compatible, but I have yet to test all of these personally. Below is a list of what I know:

  • Console Doom by Kaiser - Contains a majority of the scaled-down console versions of levels from the PC version present from the Sony PlayStation/Sega Saturn ports, as well as some Doom 64 levels. Even has the console-exclusive sound effects and an accompanying music WAD to go with it as well.
  • Jaguar Doom Conversion by Dragonsbrethren - Vanilla-compatible total conversion that contains the Atari Jaguar versions of levels; the link to the WAD is dead, but I have it saved and can redistribute if necessary.
  • GBA Doom TC by GFD - Total conversion of the Game Boy Advance port of Doom for ZDoom-based source ports; includes the scaled-down console versions of the levels as well as the eight exclusive multiplayer deathmatch levels, but all levels are in UDMF format.
  • GBA Deathmatch Levels by MP2E - Contains the eight exclusive multiplayer deathmatch levels from the Game Boy Advance port, but the levels are labelled for Doom 2. Claims to be vanilla-compatible, but I have yet to verify personally. A user posted a review exclaiming an "unknown thing" error for the fourth level.
  • 32X Doom TC for GZDoom by CoTeCiO - Total conversion of the Sega 32X port of Doom for GZDoom; contains the appropriate Sega 32X "episode" of levels.


If there are any more that I possibly missed, please post below and I'll update the list. Also, if anyone wants to collaborate in an attempt to make vanilla-compatible/limit-removing versions of all of these levels, I would be more than willing to put in the effort necessary to make this happen.


Hopefully as time goes on, I am wanting to turn this topic from a question topic into a resource topic for others to reference to for vanilla-compatible/limit-removing versions of the console version levels. This topic may seem a bit redundant, but most of my Doom gaming experience is as plain as it can get, with limit-removing and vanilla-compatible source ports being my preferred way to play Doom (Crispy Doom is an excellent blend of both).

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Well, I know that the PlayStation Doom: Master Edition is trying to do stuff like squeeze No Rest For The Living onto the PS1 Engine, which is actually harder than it sounds since NRFTL is a limit-removing mapset, but the PS1 engine operates under even stricter requirements than the PC Vanilla engine.


That said, nothing of those versions should be impossible to do Vanilla-compatible unless it was designed for limit-removing in mind. The console versions were simplified compared to the PC originals, after all.


You are missing Doom 64 EX (about as accurate as it gets while being ported to PC), or its mostly-accurate from-the-ground-up counterpart, Doom 64 Retribution.

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