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Kappes Buur

Slade3 soundfont question

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This thread reminded me that I wanted to ask about soundfonts.


I have downloaded Slade3 as the binaries


and unzipped it in a folder of it's own, not in Program Files


I don't have the file libsndfile 


When I go into Preferences - Audio I see this



Now, without setting anything, the soundfile will play.

And if I select a soundfont the soundfile will play.

The soundfont setting will be reflected in slade.cfg.


But, if I select a different soundfont, any soundfont, the soundfile always sounds the same.


How can I set a specific soundfont so it will play the soundfile?

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If your sound file plays even without setting a soundfont, that means it's not a MIDI (or similar) file. The sound is literally baked in the file, so external sound fonts are irrelevant; just like changing your palette will not change how a JPG displays.

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Soundfonts will only matter for MIDI and MUS. Anything else - Ogg, MP3, FLAC, XM, IT, S3M, you name it - will play "naturally."


Unless you're me, it seems, since I can't make sounds play for shit. :)

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