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[Totally Alpha] Trial To Hell [0.1 Vinesauce Map Contest version] (Oldschool)

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Trial To Hell is a future 32-level Oldschool Megawad which in theory is compatible with Doom2.exe (Works at least on Chocolate Doom, so for the moment use limit removing source-ports), only three levels in this alpha.
Short to medium sized maps with different skill settings. 
Those maps were created probably in 2015, but I started working on them again.

MAP01: Warm Welcome
MAP02: Nuke Control
MAP03: Administration Center
MAP04: Lights Out (Not Present in the last release)
MAP05: WIP (Not Present in the last release)

Only 3 maps in this version, working on the next 3 for a future update.

Music is at the moment placeholder, new custom midis would be added in the future.
MAP02 midi is a custom midi made by me, which doesn't fit the level so much. (Soundgarden - Face Pollution)
More custom graphics would we added in the future.
One MAP01 demo in the wad.
There is even an ENDOOM screen.

Lastest Version Download (0.1)

NOTE: this was submited to the 2016 Vinesauce Doom Map Contest
"Solid Doom level, Classic Doom Stuff" -Vargskelethor (Vinesauce)

Known bugs: None that I can think off, maybe a few Visplane overflows in Vanilla Doom that are pretty uncommon to happen, at least in single player, you really have to tryhard in order to get one (Don't abuse IDCLIP to much since you may get one, anyways).

This is an alpha testing version so I'd like if you comment your thoughts or you find bugs in it.


-3 more maps
-New graphics for MDOOM and status bar

-THICC crates


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