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"Portal to Hell", a metal cover/medley in celebration of DOOM's 25th

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"Portal to Hell" (pardon the clichéd name) is a medley of a select few DOOM tunes that I decided to put together in order to celebrate my favorite FPS franchise's 25th birthday. I originally meant to get this done by the 10th but got momentarily distracted with other things (*cough* Guild Wars 2 *cough*), but you know what they say - better late than never. c;


This track is actually sort of a recreation of an older track of mine. I did VGM covers/remixes for a brief time a couple years ago, but I stopped doing them after about half a dozen tracks and deleted what I had from my YouTube and Bandcamp page. Among the tracks I did back in those times, coincidentally, was a medley rather similar to this one. However, there were some factors that contributed to the earlier medley not sounding as great as I'd wished for it to. For one, I didn't have a guitar well-suited for lower tunings, meaning I had to play the rhythm guitar parts an octave higher than intended, which sounded just wrong on many levels. Secondly, my mixing skills weren't as good as they are now, although I'm still by no means a mixing expert.


Over the course of this year, however, I accumulated some new toys - among them a 7-string guitar and my first stompbox - and I wanted to put them into good use somehow. So I figured what better way to do so than taking an old-ish DOOM cover medley that didn't sound great at all and making it sound at least somewhat great? I also added a thing or two along the way, namely a short section covering a track from the 2016 entry's soundtrack as well.


You can find a link to the track, where you can listen to it and download it for free, here:





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Nice work! Must have been fun to make. I temporarily got out of metal due to not being able to dial in my guitar tone, but this makes me want to give it another shot. Oh and I got a Jackson 7 string that I like, but no stomp box.

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3 minutes ago, Immorpher said:

Nice work! Must have been fun to make.


Oh, believe me, it was immensely fun to make. Thanks! c:

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