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Multiple versions of Final Doom 1.9 + a patch request for doom2?

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The common version of TNT 1.9 has the following md5 hashes for the exe and wad:


TNT.WAD - 4E158D9953C79CCF97BD0663244CC6B6

DOOM2.EXE - F006DE4FD282BA61D7D0AF41A993F9BA


However, there is a very rare patched version that apparently came with id anthology which fixes the exe (the skies actually change between maps, the teleports no longer leave you mid-air, it never crashes looking for demo4 on the start screen) and the wad (fixes the yellow key map31 bug).


patched TNT.WAD md5 - 1D39E405BF6EE3DF69A8D2646C8D5C49

patched DOOM2.EXE md5 - CCD2769F32B38D74D361085E905D8F9C


There is also a patched version of Plutonia.


What I want to know is, was there ever a Doom2 v1.9 that fixes the sky bug where they don't change between maps? It's nice having "proper" final doom EXEs and WADs that have the proper sky functionality, don't crash over a missing DEMO4, etc. A similar version of the Doom2 executable would be really cool. (Of course, it will break dehacked compatibility, but that's what the unpatched 1.9 EXE is for.) I know source ports also fix this, even Doom95 does, but still.


Any info is greatly appreciated.

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I've heard of it, but I've never seen it. Maybe there's a upgrade patch. What would be really cool is to modify Doom+ that entryway made - a hacked exe with limits majorly increased. It's a shame that those exes you mentioned didn't change the version number, because demos made with those exes require that knowledge for playback.


There might be enough room in the exe near the sky renderer to make the proper colormap switch.

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