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My Dehacked patch makes Doom2.exe, Chocolate Doom and even ZDaemon explode. Why?

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In Doom2.exe and Chocolate Doom, when you shoot a Revenant Marine the game goes absolutely apeshit. I can't get either one to even give me a crash message, they just get utterly destroyed. ZDaemon allows you to shoot the revenant marine, but it WILL crash shortly after. Firing plasma at the 3 zombiemen/shotgunners on map02 also crashes ZDaemon, again a hard crash with no error message or anything.


When using this on Doom2, i was sure to apply the patch correctly using dehacked.exe. Any info on this would be awesome, I have no clue how I accidentally created this "dehacked bomb"...

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I ran it through PRBoom, and it crashed, too, when causing the revenant's pain state, same situation.


So, I decided to run it through ZDoom 2.8.1.

ZDoom powers through it and seems to run everything properly, with no crashes from what I saw.

I looked through the deh with WhackEd and couldn't find anything that looked wrong (to my untrained eyes).


Probably @Obsidian or @antares031 could help you figure this one out, because I'm just as lost.


Edit: I ran the wad and the deh through Doom Legacy to see if it would produce consistent results, and it ran like a champ. I can't figure why it crashes vanilla, Chocolate, Boom, and ZDaemon, but not ZDoom or Legacy.

Edited by Aquila Chrysaetos

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The Revenant's melee state points to one of the frames in the chase sequence (335). It's probably causing a stack overflow or something. You can either change it to 0 (no melee state) or make it the same as the far attack state (339), depending on what you wanna do.

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Like @EarthQuake mentioned, It's actually not the pain state that caused the problem, but it's the melee state that needed to be fixed. Chase code pointer shouldn't be used with the duration of zero in classic source ports, such as PrBoom+ or below. Since changing the melee state to frame 0 will cause revenants to do nothing in close combat, here's the fixed dehacked that changes the melee state to firing missiles. newsp_fix.zip

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